Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute to host eighth Annual CO2 Conference

Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute to host eighth Annual CO2 Conference

CASPER — More than 250 industry professionals from across the state and country will convene for the eighth annual Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) CO2 Conference in Casper July 9-10 at the Casper Events Center.

They will learn about and discuss new and emerging research and technologies relevant to carbon dioxide flooding for enhanced oil recovery in existing Wyoming fields.

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Located at the University of Wyoming, the EORI works to help the state of Wyoming and its energy producers recover large resources of stranded oil in depleted oil reservoirs as rapidly, responsibly and economically as possible. EORI is the only institution devoted entirely to enhanced oil recovery in Wyoming oil fields.

The institute primarily focuses on applying new technology through field demonstrations, and supports additional development work as necessary to support commercial-scale implementation. As part of this commitment, the institute has adopted a culture consistent with that of the state’s oil producers. EORI’s priorities and values align with the oil industry’s priorities and values; the institute talks industry language; and its projects meet industry standards.

A total of 7.5 million barrels of oil were produced from Wyoming CO2 EOR floods during 2013. This equates to 12.5 percent of Wyoming’s annual oil production. Contributions of EOR to total state production are increasing. Since 1986, CO2 EOR techniques have produced 103 million barrels of incremental oil from Wyoming reservoirs. UW economists have determined that the CO2 EOR industry supports 1,600 jobs and contributes $140 million to the state fund in the form of taxes.

The Wyoming oil industry is broadly characterized by small- to medium-sized operations. These typically have significant financial and resource challenges to overcome when considering CO2 floods. Several smaller CO2 EOR operators from outside Wyoming will present case studies and share their insights regarding these challenges.

Additionally, presentations focused on transportable CO2 options, regulatory updates, polymer flooding and other EOR technologies will be on the agenda.

The annual CO2 Conference is a collaboration among large and small operators, local and federal government representatives, and industry stakeholders. The majority of the costs for the conference are covered by industry sponsors who support and invest in enhanced oil recovery.

The conference is open to the public and free of charge. For more information regarding the conference or to register, visit the EORI website at www.uwyo.edu/eori/conferences/.

The EORI is one of several Centers of Excellence of UW’s School of Energy Resources (SER). SER is an interdisciplinary entity tasked with developing the fundamental knowledge, technologies and human resources necessary to solve the critical energy challenges society faces today. Each SER Center of Excellence serves as a hub to unite academia, government and industry in cooperation for the advancement of its focus area.