Wyoming Highway Patrol Warns Against a New Holiday Scam Today

The Wyoming Highway Patrol reports a scam alert that is particularly cruel around the holiday season.

CHEYENNE — The holidays seem to be a particularly ripe time for scammers to be turning up the heat on unsuspecting citizens.

Today, the Wyoming Highway Patrol reports being notified of a new and decidedly thoughtless phone call scam circulating throughout the Cowboy State.

Scammers are contacting the public stating a relative has been in a motor
vehicle crash and arrested for driving while under the influence while stating the relative
needs cash for bail and attorney fees.

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The phone number the calls are made from are being replicated (spoofed numbers) to look like they’re from a legitimate law enforcement office in Dubois and other parts of Wyoming, as well as other surrounding states.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol would like to remind the public they have not, and will not
request any payment over the phone.

The WHP encourage anyone who may have received questionable phone calls soliciting funds to contact your local law enforcement or government agency to verify the information you may have received.