Wyoming State AFL-CIO Convention to be Held In Green River This Weekend

Wyoming State AFL-CIO Convention to be Held In Green River This  Weekend

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The 52nd Annual Constitutional Convention of the Wyoming State AFL-CIO will be held September 11th and 12th in Green River Wyoming at the Hampton Inn. Union Delegates representing 55 affiliated local unions will come together to discuss issues concerning Wyoming’s working families.

Wyoming’s heroic firefighters will give a memorial presentation to the delegates on this 14th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.

Timothy Patrick Wells (June 3, 1952 – June 25, 2015)

Of local interest, this convention will be dedicated to the memory of Timothy Wells for his dedication to advancing the cause of organized labor and Wyoming’s working families.

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Dale Hill, Board President of the Wyoming State AFL-CIO, stated, “The passing of brother Tim Wells was deeply mourned by Wyoming’s labor movement. His expertise, dedication and commitment to all working families was second to none. While we mourn his passing, his legacy requires all of us to continue fighting for the rights of working people.”

Wyoming AFL-CIO Executive Secretary Kim Floyd said, “We welcome the opportunity to hold our convention in Sweetwater County, home of so many of our active Unions. We have so many good working people here in this part of the state who appreciate the opportunity to earn a good wage and provide benefits for their families. Many are active members of the community, serving their fellow citizens in every capacity, from youth coaches to State Legislators. We work for the rights of all workers here in Wyoming, organized or not, and we place an emphasis on dignity and safety. We hope all workers will join us in our efforts.”Wyoming State AFL-CIO Convention to be Held Green River This Weekend