Wyoming State Canvassing Board Certifies General Election Results

Wyoming State Canvassing Board Certifies General Election Results

The state canvassing board certified and made official all the results of the 2018 elections this week in Cheyenne.

CHEYENNE — The Wyoming State Canvassing Board certified and made official the results of the 2018 General Election on Wednesday, November 14th.

The Canvassing Board examined the results of state-level races across Wyoming and certified the election of all five statewide elected officials, 75 Wyoming State Legislators, one U.S Senator, one U.S Representative, and the retention of 18 state judges.

The State Canvassing Board is comprised of Governor Matt Mead, Secretary of State Edward Buchanan (chair), State Auditor Cynthia Cloud, and State Treasurer Mark Gordon.

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“Today the State Canvassing Board certified the election and closed out the 2018 election cycle. Now our newly elected officials can begin the work of governing and leading the State of Wyoming during their new terms in office beginning in January.

The people of Wyoming can be confident in elections in Wyoming and in those individuals involved in managing elections, from poll workers and county clerks to my staff in the Election Division,” said Secretary of State Edward Buchanan.

The official 2018 General Election Results and turnout information for the General Election are available at: http://soswy.state.wy.us/ Elections/Docs/2018/ 2018GeneralResults.aspx.

“There are several exciting markers for this midterm 2018 General Election. This General Election, 205,275 Wyoming voters cast a ballot and 30% of those ballots were cast absentee. This is the highest number of votes ever cast in a midterm election. 46.4% of Wyoming’s voting age population turned out to vote. It’s the highest for a midterm election since the 2010 midterm,” said State Election Director Kai Schon.

The candidates certified by the State Canvassing Board included an independent candidate winning House District 22. The newly elected representative in House District 22 is the first independent candidate elected to a state office since 1971.

“As we observe the struggles of a few other states in putting together final election results, I am especially appreciative of the election system we have here in Wyoming. I thank the entire election team for their professionalism and hard work during my time in office and during every election cycle,” said Governor Matt Mead.