Wyoming Waste Systems, City of Green River Release Statement on Recycling


On Saturday, January 18, the city of Green River used its Facebook page to notify residents that Wyoming Waste Systems will not be picking up recycling until further notice. WWS posted this same message to its Facebook page on Friday, January 17.

The Statement from WWS reads as follows:

Wyoming Waste is currently awaiting approval from the State of Wyoming to use the entirety of the Green River Transfer Station. At this time, there has been a delay with approval and as such, Wyoming Waste cannot use the inside of the Transfer Station. For the week of January 20, all recycling will be taken and disposed of at the Sweetwater County Solid Waste District #1 Landfill.

Until Wyoming Waste has approval from the state and has full utilization of the Green River Transfer Station building, all residents are entitled to keep their recyclables from being disposed of at the landfill. This will mean that any resident who keeps their recyclables will NOT need to set out their recycling cart until notified.

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At this time, Wyoming Waste does not have a timeline for when the Green River Transfer Station will be fully operational, but will do the best in keeping the residents of the city of Green River as updated as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.