YWCA Executive Director Christie DeGrendele Announces Retirement

YWCA Executive Director Christie DeGrendele Announces Retirement

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Christie DeGrendele, Executive Director of the YWCA of Sweetwater County has advised the YWCA Board of Directors that she will be retiring after thirty four years of service.

DeGrendele stated, “I announced my retirement to the YWCA Board of Directors and YWCA employees with an anticipated retirement date in early August. Working at the YWCA is more than a job and I am grateful for the many opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Every day I see the difference the YWCA makes in the lives of so many; from the infants and toddlers who are joyful and eager learners, to the children in Big Brothers Big Sisters who are excited to spend time with their ‘Big,’ and the survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault striving to end violence in their lives. I am fortunate to say that for 34 years I have loved working at the YWCA!”

Beginning her journey with the YWCA in 1979 as a volunteer, DeGrendele assisted with the planning and opening of a day care center in Green River. In 1980, she became the Daycare Director of the newly opened facility. DeGrendele was promoted to the YWCA Administrative Director in 1981 and in 1983 Associate Executive Director. As Associate Executive Director, DeGrendele acted as interim Program Director for the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program until a new director was hired. She was selected as the YWCA Executive Director in 1985 and has remained in this role to date.

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Long time YWCA Board Member and President Margaret Gibbens speaks highly of DeGrendele and her dedication to the mission of the YWCA.  “The organization is a success because of Christie’s ongoing commitment of empowering women and eliminating racism.  Christie has empowered women of all ages in every aspect of the sense.  Christie is a perfect role model, having started as a volunteer herself and working into the position of Executive Director.  The programs of the YWCA, under her direction, are directed toward giving women the confidence and ability to become productive members of the community.   As a volunteer myself, I have learned from her knowledge and actions.  We wish her continued success in her retirement.”

Throughout her thirty four years with the organization, DeGrendele has served on many boards and committees both locally and nationally. These boards and organizations include the Wyoming Workforce Development Council, YWCA USA Board, YWCA Southwest Delta Council, Rock Springs Area Community Foundation, Sweetwater County Drug Court Board, Sweetwater County Drug Court Foundation, Rock Spring Chamber, Green River Chamber, Sweetwater County Homeless Task Force, United Way Loaned Executive, Volunteers of Wyoming Presentations, YWCA USA Retirement Fund Task Force, Wyoming Job Service Employer Committee, YWCA Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocate and most recently the Family Justice Center Executive Committee.

Pat Brown, Charter Sweetwater County YWCA member, former YWCA board member, and longtime YWCA supporter stated: “I have known Christie throughout her career with the YWCA of Sweetwater County. She is knowledgeable, capable, and dedicated to the goals of the YWCA. Over the years, Christie has guided the growth and development of the YWCA’s many programs and services. She has been fiscally responsible in obtaining funding for permanent program facilities, mentored countless staff members, young and mature, and provided leadership and continuity for the YWCA’s service programs. Professionally, and in typical fashion, Christie has announced her upcoming retirement to allow the Board, staff and community supporters’ time to plan a smooth transition. We have been truly fortunate to have Christie in our towns, in our human services community, and in our hearts, and wish her the best in her new endeavors.”

DeGrendele is working with YWCA search committee to recruit and hire the next YWCA Executive Director.

YWCA Board of Directors and Staff will be planning a retirement celebration and send off for DeGrendele in the future and invite those interested in being part of that event to contact Ruthann at the YWCA, 307-352-6635.

The YWCA is a United Way Community Partner.