Zoning Amendment Requested to Construct Fuel Kiosk on Bridger Drive

Zoning Amendment Requested to Construct Fuel Kiosk on Bridger Drive

This aerial map shows the property in which Smith's Food & Drug would like to construct a fuel and concession kiosk. Photo courtesy of the City of Green River

GREEN RIVER — Smith’s Food and Drug Centers, Inc. is requesting an amendment to Green River’s Official Zoning Map to allow for the construction of a fuel and concession kiosk on property located along Bridger Drive.

The Green River City Council will meet Tuesday, February 1, at 7 p.m. at Green River City Hall. The first of three readings of the ordinance to amend the Official Zoning Map will take place during the meeting, as well an official public hearing.

The applicants for this zoning change include United Pentecostal Church, who is the property owner, and Smith’s Food and Drug, who is the petitioner. The applicants are requesting the zoning amendment for a parcel located at 1175 Bridger Drive from B-2 (Downtown Business) to B-1 (General Business). Smith’s Food and Drug is interested in constructing a fuel and concession kiosk on the property.

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According to Council documents, the property currently has two different zoning designations and is subject to the requirements of the B-2 zoning district. The larger portion of the parcel, which is the subject of this application, is zoned B-2 and the smaller portion of the parcel is zoned B-1.

While the existing use of the property as a “Center of Religious Worship” is a permitted use in both the B-1 and B-2 zoning districts, gas sales are not. The proposed rezone will combine this split-zoned parcel into one zone district (B-1), and will allow the property to be used for uses such as the fuel and concession kiosk.

On January 12, 2022, the Green River Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously voted to recommend approval of the petition to rezone the property.

The Commission heard from from local residents with certain site feature-related questions such as traffic, security, hours of operation, and lighting. However, they ultimately determined that the rezone would have no impact on the continued operations of the church, it would allow for other future land uses to be permitted other than gas sales should this proposal fall through, and there is time during the rezone process to sort out the sale of the land.

To view the full meeting agenda and packet, click here.