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Wyoming General Election: November 8, 2022

State Senate & House Candidates

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Donald Burkhart, Republican

Patrick Gonzalez, Libertarian

Joshua Thomas (J.T.) Larson, Republican

Chad M. Banks, Democrat

Scott Heiner, Republican

Dennis B. Laughlin, Libertarian

Cody Wylie, Republican

Marshall Burt, Libertarian

Robert “Bob” Davis, Republican

Lee Ann Stephenson, Democrat

Clark Stith, Republican

Misty Morris, Libertarian

Tony Niemiec, Republican

Larry Hicks, Republican

Michael Ray Williams, Constitution

Stacy Jones, Republican

Mark Gordon, Republican

Theresa A. Livingston, Democratic

Jared J. Baldes, Libertarian

Brent Bien, Republican (Write-In)

Megan Degenfelder, Republican

Sergio A. Maldonado, Sr., Democratic

Harriet Hageman, Republican

Lynnette Greybull, Democratic

Richard Brubaker, Libertarian

Marissa Joy Selvig, Constitution

Sweetwater County Candidates

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Dale S. Majhanovich, Democrat

Dan Erramouspe, Republican

Chris Sutton, Independent

DonnaLee Bobak, Republican

Kari Cohcran

Danielle L. Schumacher

Cole Wright

Rock Springs Candidates

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Jeannie Demas

David A Thompson

Thomas Allen

Daniel J Pedri

Bradley Chrisman

Eric Bingham

Green River Candidates

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Mark Peterson

Jon Fernandez

Ronald L Williams

Michael S. Shutran

Granger Candidates

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Bradly McCollum

John Styvar

Teal Romango

Robert A Perry

Wamsutter Candidates

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Larry Chip Roney

Seth Rauch

Dustin Davis

Gerald Proberts

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