COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource Page

As your local news source, we take our role seriously to find and source relevant information that you might find useful. That role becomes even more important during a health crisis.

We have created this page to keep you informed on local and regional #Coronavirus coverage as it relates to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

We remind you to remain calm and stay smart.

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For all state-wide information on vaccination priority groups and distribution, visit the Wyoming Department of Health’s vaccine webpage.


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If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and are showing symptoms, like a temperature of 100 or greater or a cough, DO NOT go to the Emergency Room. Please call your primary care provider.

Local COVID-19 News

Sweetwater County

Patients Tested: 34,467
COVID-19 Positive: 3,216 (131)
Cases Recovered:
3,085 (127)
Active Cases:

The first number shows laboratory-confirmed cases. The second number in ( ) shows probable cases.


A Statewide look at the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. (This data is sourced from the Wyoming Department of Health and other resources.) 

Patients Tested: 567,450
COVID-19 Positive: 42,788 (7,336)
Cases Recovered: 40,831 (6,862)
Active Cases: 1,957
Deaths: 550

Last updated on January 20 at 4:42 pm.