Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Do you have an open position that you’re looking to fill?

Hiring for a job using traditional print media or websites with low traffic can be costly and time-consuming.

Get your jobs in front of the largest reading audience in Southwest Wyoming! Our recruitment marketing team is here to help streamline the process.

To get started, fill out the form below or contact us with questions.

With our easy-to-use job form and the largest audience in the region, you can post your opening in a way that is both cost effective and efficient – starting at just over $5 day.

Research shows that nearly 79% of job seekers turn to social media to look for available openings. Using our Jobs Board gives you the benefit of putting your listing in front of potential employees in a measurable way that exposes you to the highest number of recruits on our website and social media platforms

When you post your positions with SweetwaterNOW, we create an easy-to-read, informative ad that includes all of the important information about your opening and how to apply.

Contact us with questions or read our FAQ on this page.

Our large readership are has proven to be successful for hundreds of businesses during their recruitment. Here is what one of our most recent job ad clients had to say about our approach:

“With SweetwaterNOW, I not only received around 10 times more applicants than the newspaper, but I was getting a higher-quality applicant. I have hired 2 employees from using SweetwaterNOW!”


What happens if I fill my opening in less than 45 days?

So you filled your position before the post expired? Congrats! That’s the point. Ideally, we would love to help you fill your openings as quick as possible.

Will I get a partial refund if I fill my opening sooner than expected?

Unfortunately, we do not offer partial or full refunds for positions that have been filled. Our rates are to based on audience, not time. If you fill an opening in less than 45 days then we will be happy to take the listing down for you. Just let us know. We take pride in helping you fill your openings as quick as possible!

What if I need to make a change to a listing I submitted?

Forgot a detail? Made an error? No worries! We are happy to make any minor edits to your post within 24 hours of initial payment. Email your request to Lindsay@sweetwaternow.com or call (307) 922-0700 ext. 706.

(Please check your post carefully before hitting submit!)

What if I need to post more than one job?

Need to post more than one job? Great! We are happy to offer bundled rates and customized posting plans.

Shoot an email to Lindsay@sweetwaternow.com with a brief description of what you would like and we’ll work together to get those positions filled.

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