GRHS Runners Josie Givens and Kalen Kester Named All-State In Indoor Track

GRHS Runners Josie Givens and Kalen Kester Named All-State In Indoor Track
Rock Springs Lady Tiger Bobbi Parker named All-State. Photo from RSHS Track & Field.

Wyoming Indoor High School Track

Boys All-State

(Courtesy of Wyopreps)

Dillon Buckmeier – Campbell County

Zach Clark – Campbell County

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Josh Hughes – Campbell County

Logan Myers – Campbell County

Kenyon Nunez – Campbell County

Madden Pikula – Campbell County

Edward Bird – Cheyenne Central

Jacob Carbaugh – Cheyenne Central

Dawson Cooley – Cheyenne Central

Jacob Forkner – Cheyenne Central

Logan Harris – Cheyenne Central

Elliott Miller – Cheyenne Central

Ben Monger – Cheyenne Central

Carter Mossey – Cheyenne Central

DJ Shamborguer – Cheyenne Central (All-State in 2015)

Cody Allen – Cheyenne South

William Nolan – Cheyenne South (All-State in 2015)

Brody Smith – Cody (All-State in 2015)








Kalen Kester – Green River


Austin Schaff – Kelly Walsh

Nate Albers – Laramie

Chris Henry – Laramie (All-State in 2015)

McCade Johnson – Laramie

Shane Henderson – Star Valley

Brad Lyman – Worland


Girls All-State

McKenzie Greenelsh – Big Horn

Theresa Anderson – Campbell County

Meghan Casey – Campbell County

Breanne Clemetson – Campbell County

Marie Doherty – Campbell County

Ashlyn Erisman – Campbell County (All-State in 2015)

Shantell Gladson – Campbell County

Kaylee Hove – Campbell County (All-State in 2015)

Olivia McCann – Campbell County (All-State in 2014 and 2015)

Ruth Sifuma – Campbell County (All-State in 2014 and 2015)

Kassidy Wanke – Campbell County (All-State in 2015)

Sydney Wendt – Campbell County (All-State in 2014 and 2015)

Emma Brownell – Cheyenne Central

Aubrey Frentheway – Cheyenne Central

Faith Meredith – Cheyenne Central

Claudia Miller – Cheyenne Central

Lily Joslin – Cheyenne East

Heidi Adamson – Cody

Anissa Warner – Cody









Josie Givens – Green River (All-State in 2015)


Maddison Dedic – Kelly Walsh

Lexi Hernandez – Laramie

Kaitlin Barnes – Natrona County (All-State in 2015)

Siri Christensen – Natrona County

Molly Olsen – Natrona County

Lauren Taubert – Natrona County

Bobbi Parker – Rock Springs

Janice Hall – Star Valley (All-State in 2015)


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