CyberWyoming Wants Sweetwater County Businesses to Join CyberSecurity Contest

CyberWyoming Wants Sweetwater County Businesses to Join CyberSecurity Contest

Only a month and a half into Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses shows 12 entrants, the highest number seen at this stage in the past 4 years.

But, not one entrant is from Sweetwater County.

“Hey Sweetwater County Businesses! Are you really going to let Sheridan keep up their winning streak?” said Laura Baker, Co-Founder of the Competition and of CyberWyoming.

Sheridan touts 4 winners in the top three over the past three years. In fact, there hasn’t been a year in which the Sheridan business community hasn’t had a top 3 winner.

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“I am proud that Sheridan businesses have been named winners of the Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition every year since it began. While I hope Sheridan continues its winning streak, I’d like to challenge small businesses in every community throughout the state to register TODAY for this year’s competition!”

Dixie Johnson, CEO of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce

In the first year of the competition, First Federal Bank & Trust won the top honor. In 2019, First Northern Bank of Wyoming won and in 2020 the Sheridan business community took the top 2 spaces with Craftco and Wyoming Roofing.

Kelly Hahn, General Manager of Wyoming Roofing LLC with her second place title for the 2020
Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses.

“Last year a Sweetwater County business, who wishes to remain anonymous, just missed the mark
taking 4th place,” said Baker. “It was so close! Just a few points off,” she continued.

Judges are recruited via economic development agencies throughout the state and are unknown to CyberWyoming’s staff that lead the business through the process to create a security aware culture.

Businesses are judged on progress (look how far we have come), innovation, planning, culture, technical expertise, thoroughness, and presentation with progress, innovation, & planning having the most points. All small businesses, nonprofits, and home based businesses are welcome to enter and there is no fee because of CyberWyoming members, sponsors, and donors.

Our small businesses today are Wyoming’s economic future.

Laura Baker, Co-Founder of the Competition and of CyberWyoming

While there is no entry fee, participants in the competition should be prepared for possible financial outlays to upgrade software, purchase hardware, and purchase cyber related services from attorneys, insurance agents, or IT professionals.

“In last year’s competition, one retailer only spent about $60 to upgrade the business’s antivirus software,” said Baker, “Cybersecurity can be inexpensive when you look at it from a leadership standpoint.

Business owners lead their team every day so helping them learn to lead their same team in cybersecurity gives them the power to manage their risks.”The competition winners speak at the virtual Wyoming Cybersecurity Conference, scheduled for Oct 6-8. In addition, winners and participants will be featured in statewide press releases and on CyberWyoming’s website.

To enter the competition, email or download the application on’s website.

Registration continues through May 15.

Sheridan is upping their game this year. Ptolemy Data Systems of Sheridan is taking their community’s winning streak so seriously that Jesus Rios, CEO, has offered free antivirus software (up to 10 seats) and a free firewall for 1 year to be raffled off between all the Sheridan companies that enter the competition.

“We want to support CyberWyoming’s core mission and encourage ‘main street’ Wyoming businesses to make sure they are properly protecting their data,” said Rios. “A breach in security to a small business could be financially catastrophic and hard to come back from,” he continued.

“It’s been an awesome experience,” said Brad Orr of Craftco, “I know where to go if I need help and I’ve
learned a ton along the way.”

The competition is free with the help of our wonderful sponsors:

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