Peak Disposal Offers Dependable Local Service at an Incredible Value

Peak Disposal Offers Dependable Local Service at an Incredible Value

You have a choice when it comes to your trash services, why not choose a quality, local service?

Peak Disposal takes pride in being locally-owned and we are ready to earn your service.

Call today to get switched over before the end of the month at:
(307) 212-6665

Here are a few reasons why people in your neighborhood have chosen Peak Disposal:


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It happens. You forget to put out your trash can and there you are stuck trying to figure out what to do for a whole week. Not with us! If you forget to bring out your trash can, Peak will go get it for you and get you taken care of.

Extra box or bag of leaves?… We will take them.

Cans full from a party?… Not a problem.

What about online bill pay?… YES.

We also take special requests. Maybe you just threw a birthday party and your trash is overflowing? Give us a call! We pride ourselves on customer service.

No Extra Fees

We’ve heard the stories. Extra fees for an extra bag, extra fees because your lid won’t close, even extra fees on top of extra fees! We don’t do that.

At Peak Disposal we have no hidden or extra fees for fuel or extra trash, or if your lid doesn’t fully close. You’ll always know what you’re going to pay.

Small Business Approach

We are proud to be owned and operated locally! With that mission we care about each individual customer and their needs. We always offer personal service and friendly staff on the phone and in the truck.

We want to earn your business as we are your friends and neighbors. We believe in providing a quality, local service the community can be proud of.

Many Bin Sizes to Fit Your Summer Projects

Doing a renovation in your home? Maybe you are doing a spring cleanup?

Peak Disposal can supply you with the right bin size for any job you might tackle at home. We ensure a hassle free drop-off and pickup process that doesn’t interfere with your projects time table.

Peak Disposal is the right choice for:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • General cleanup
  • Home renovations
  • Yard cleanups
  • Spring cleaning
  • Landscaping projects
  • Roofing

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Find out why we’re the best choice for your home project waste removal solution.

Peak Disposal is now operating in Rock Springs, Reliance, and North of town areas. We are very pleased to offer Residential and Commercial trash services.

Affordable prices and extremely friendly staff.
Call us today to learn more and get switched!

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