38 Projects Completed for Helping Hands Day

38 Projects Completed for Helping Hands Day

Questar employee, Albert Bertagnolli and retiree, Brian Parks, helped a local Senior Citizen with some fall clean up.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — For 20 years the Annual United Way of Southwest Wyoming Helping Hands Day has been bringing together volunteers, local businesses and corporations to complete improvement projects for people with disabilities, senior citizens and non-profit organizations.

This year’s event was held on August 22, 2015.

Helping Hands Day saw over 150 volunteers complete 37 projects that included facility repairs, renovations, beautification projects and house and yard work.

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Helping Hands Day is an opportunity to show local people the needs in communities and how their “hands on” volunteer work can make a difference. Teams consisted of families, sports teams, Cub Scout packs, businesses and individuals.

Although August 22nd was set as the official Helping Hands Day, projects were completed throughout the months of August, September and even October to meet the needs of recipients and volunteer teams.

“We want to thank all of the sponsors and teams that participated with this year’s Helping Hands Day,” stated Kelly Frink, United Way of Southwest Wyoming’s Executive Co-Director. “It is great to see our community come together to help individuals and organizations who are in need of assistance. For some individuals it means the difference of being able to stay in their homes or having to move to an assisted living facility or in with family. Agencies are able to focus their time and monies on their clients and not so much on the upkeep of their facilities. People coming together to lift a hand to help one another is what “Live United” is all about!”