4-Year-Old Girl Could Break ‘Smallfry” World Record With Golden Trout Caught in Wyoming

4-Year-Old Girl Could Break ‘Smallfry” World Record With Golden Trout Caught in Wyoming

Caroline May Evans holding a golden trout that could set the world record in the IGFA’s “Smallfry” category for girls. (IGFA, Twitter)

Originally reported by Brendan LaChance | Oil City News

WYOMING — A 4-year-old girl who snagged a two-pound golden trout in Wyoming could potentially have broken a world record, according to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).

The IGFA said in a Twitter post on Saturday that Caroline May Evans, 4, had submitted an application for the two-pound fish she caught to be considered for the IFGA Female Smallfry Record for the species.

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“Caroline was fishing in Wyoming,” the IGFA said. “After a quick fight and weighing, she was able to safely release the fish.”

Evans’s application reports that she caught the golden trout in the Wind River Mountains on July 8, according to the IGFA.

The IGFA keeps records in multiple categories, including “Junior” and “Smallfry” categories. Smallfry records are kept for both boy and girl anglers age 10 and under.

Should Evans’s application be approved, the two pound golden trout she caught would break the record set by Brittany Lee Askelson for a 1 pound 10 ounce golden trout she caught at Clear Lake in Wyoming in July 2005, according to the IGFA. No male angler under 10 holds a Smallfry record for golden trout.

In the Junior categories for boys, Eric Lemieux holds the record for golden trout for a one pound five ounce fish he caught in August 2014 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The female Junior record has not been set, according to the IGFA.

The All-Tackle World Record for Golden Trout is held by Chad Reese for an 11 pound fish he caught in Wyoming’s Cooks Lake in August 1948, according to the IGFA.

Rick Mickelsen holds the All-Tackle Length Fly World Record for a 53 inch golden trout he caught in Golden Lake, Wyoming in June 2012, according to the IGFA.