Tigers Tip Thursday in Gillette to Start the 2015-2016 Basketball Season

Tigers Tip Thursday in Gillette to Start the 2015-2016 Basketball Season

ROCK SPRINGS – It is time to shake off the competition rust and get back to work as a new season of boy’s basketball tips on Thursday.

For Rock Springs, they will have a tough test right out of the gate. The Tigers will open play Thursday in the Gillette Invitational against the host team. In preseason polls, the Camels are ranked second in 4A. The game is scheduled to start at 8:15 p.m.

While Gillette is second in early rankings, last year’s consolation champs Cheyenne Central received the most first-place votes. Kelly Walsh is ranked third while Sheridan is in fourth. Last year’s 4A champions Natrona was ranked fifth. Rock Springs sits just outside the top five in the sixth position.

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Green River

The Green River Wolves will look to end all the talk about the streak early. It has been two seasons since the Wolves have put a one in the win column.

Green River will open in a rematch of this year’s state title football game as they face Star Valley. The Wolves fell to the Braves in this year’s 3A championship football game.

Last year, the Braves won the 3A consolation game and are ranked fourth in the early rankings. The game gets underway at 7 p.m. on Friday in Green River.



The Pronghorns hit the road to open the season as they play Friday at the Burlington Invite. Farson will play two games on Friday with the first against Meeteetse at 2:30 p.m. They will return to the court to face preseason favorite and host Burlington at 7 p.m.



Boy’s Basketball Upcoming Schedule

Thursday, December 10

Class 4A

Gillette Invitational

#5 Natrona vs. Scottsbluff, NE – 9:15am

#1 Cheyenne Central vs. Bismarck, ND Century – 12:45pm

Cheyenne East vs. Rapid City, SD Central – 4:15pm

Rock Springs at #2 Gillette – 8:15pm

Riverton Invitational

Cheyenne South vs. #3 Kelly Walsh – 7pm at Central WY College

#4 Sheridan at Riverton – 7pm

Laramie vs. Evanston – 7pm at Middle School

Class 2A

Burns Winter Classic

Kemmerer vs. #2 Pine Bluffs – 5:30pm

Moorcroft at Burns – 8:30pm


Lovell at (#4 2A) Wyoming Indian – 6pm


Friday, December 11

Class 4A

Gillette Invitational

Cheyenne East vs. Bismarck, ND Century – 9:15am

#1 Cheyenne Central vs. Rapid City, SD Central – 12:45pm

Rock Springs vs. Scottsbluff, NE – 4:15pm

#5 Natrona at #2 Gillette – 8:15pm

Riverton Invitational:

#4 Sheridan vs. #3 Kelly Walsh – 7pm

Laramie at Riverton – 7pm

Cheyenne South vs. Evanston – 7pm

Class 3A

East-West Classic at Cody

Newcastle vs. Powell – 3:30pm

#2 Buffalo vs. Pinedale – 5pm

#5 Wheatland vs. Jackson – 6:30pm

#3 Rawlins at Cody – 8pm

Class 1A

#4 St. Stephens vs. TBA (at Billings, MT)

Burlington Invitational

Farson-Eden vs. Meeteetse – 2:30pm

Arvada-Clearmont at #1 Burlington – 4pm

Farson-Eden at #1 Burlington – 7pm

Carbon County Classic at Hanna

Encampment vs. Rock River – 12:30pm

Cokeville vs. Cheyenne South Sophomores – 3:30pm

Dubois at H.E.M. – 6:30pm


(#4 3A) Star Valley at 4A Green River – 7pm

Lander Invitational

2A Lyman vs. 3A Douglas – 4pm

(#4 2A) Wyoming Indian at 3A Lander – 5:30pm

(#4 2A) Big Piney vs. 3A Mountain View – 7pm

Coal Miner’s Classic at Wright

2A Lusk at 2A Wright – 9:30am

2A Riverside vs. 3A Glenrock – 11am

(#3 2A) Greybull vs. 2A Tongue River – 12:30pm

2A Big Horn vs. 2A Thermopolis – 2pm

2A Lusk vs. (#3 2A) Greybull – 3:30pm

3A Glenrock vs. 2A Tongue River – 5pm

2A Big Horn vs. 2A Riverside – 6:30pm

2A Thermopolis at 2A Wright – 8pm

Burns Winter Classic

2A Moorcroft vs. (#2 2A) Pine Bluffs – 10:30am

2A Southeast vs. (#1 2A) Wind River – 1:30pm

2A Shoshoni vs. 1A Lingle-Ft. Laramie – 1:30pm

2A Moorcroft vs. 2A Saratoga – 3pm

(#5 1A) Little Snake River vs. (#2 2A) Pine Bluffs – 4:30pm

2A Kemmerer at 2A Burns – 4:30pm

2A Saratoga vs. 2A Shoshoni – 7:30pm

(#1 2A) Wind River at 2A Burns – 9pm

2A Southeast vs. 2A Kemmerer – 9pm

Upton Tournament

(#2 1A) Kaycee vs. Midwest  – Noon (Non-Conference Game)

2A Sundance vs. 1A Normative Services – Noon

1A Ten Sleep at (#3 1A) Upton – 3pm

1A Hulett vs. 1A Guernsey-Sunrise – 3pm

Kaycee/Midwest loser vs. Sundance/Normative loser – 6pm

Ten Sleep/Upton loser vs. Hulett/Guernsey loser – 7:30pm

Kaycee/Midwest winner vs. Sundance/Normative winner – 6pm

Ten Sleep/Upton winner vs. Hulett/Guernsey winner – 7:30pm


Saturday, December 12

Gillette Invitational

Rock Springs vs. Rapid City, SD Central – 9:15am

#5 Natrona vs. #1 Cheyenne Central – 12:45pm

Cheyenne East vs. Scottsbluff, NE – 4:15pm

Bismarck, ND Century at #2 Gillette – 8:15pm

Riverton Invitational

Laramie vs. #3 Kelly Walsh – 4:30pm

#4 Sheridan vs. Evanston – 4:30pm

Cheyenne South at Riverton – 4:30pm

Class 3A

Torrington at Chadron, NE

East-West Classic at Cody

Powell vs. #5 Wheatland – 8:30am

Pinedale vs. #3 Rawlins – 10am

Cody vs. Newcastle – 11:30am

Jackson vs. #2 Buffalo – 1pm

#5 Wheatland vs. Pinedale – 3pm

Newcastle vs. Jackson – 4:30pm

#3 Rawlins vs. Powell – 6pm

#2 Buffalo at Cody – 7:30pm

Class 1A

#4 St. Stephens vs. TBA (at Billings, MT)

Burlington Invitational

Meeteetse vs. Arvada-Clearmont – 1pm

Farson-Eden vs. Arvada-Clearmont – 4pm

Meeteetse at #1 Burlington – 7pm (Non-Conference Game)

Carbon County Classic at Encampment

Cokeville vs. Rock River – 9am

Dubois vs. Cheyenne South Sophomores – 10:30am

H.E.M. at Encampment – Noon

Rock River vs. Dubois – 1:30pm

H.E.M. vs. Cokeville – 3pm

Cheyenne South Sophomores at Encampment – 4:30pm


2A Rocky Mountain at 3A Lovell – 7:30pm

Lander Invitational

3A Mountain View vs. (#4 2A) Wyoming Indian – 10am

2A Lyman at 3A Lander – 11:30am

(#4 2A) Big Piney vs. 3A Douglas – 1pm

(#4 2A) Wyoming Indian vs. 2A Lyman – 4pm (Non-Conference Game)

3A Douglas vs. 3A Mountain View – 5:30pm

(#4 2A) Big Piney at 3A Lander – 7pm

Coal Miner’s Classic at Wright

2A Lusk vs. 3A Glenrock – 9:30am

(#3 2A) Greybull vs. 2A Big Horn – 11am

2A Riverside at 2A Wright – 12:30pm

2A Tongue River vs. 2A Thermopolis – 2pm

(#3 2A) Greybull at 2A Wright – 3:30pm

Burns Winter Classic

1A Lingle-Ft. Laramie vs. (#5 1A) Little Snake River – 11:30am

2A Moorcroft vs. 2A Kemmerer – 11:30am

(#1 2A) Wind River vs. (#2 2A) Pine Bluffs – 2:30pm

2A Southeast vs. 2A Shoshoni – 2:30pm

(#5 1A) Little Snake River at 2A Burns – 5:30pm

1A Lingle-Ft. Laramie vs. 2A Saratoga – 5:30pm

Upton Tournament

TBA vs. TBA – 1pm at Elementary School 7th Place

TBA vs. TBA – 2:30pm at Elementary School 5th Place

TBA vs. TBA – 1pm 3rd Place

TBA vs. TBA – 5:30pm 1st Place



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