Tiger Wrestlers Bring Home Sixth at Battle of the Big Horn

Tiger Wrestlers Bring Home Sixth at Battle of the Big Horn
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BIG HORN – After a good start to the season, the Rock Springs Tiger wrestlers continued with a strong Battle of the Big Horn showing over the weekend.

The Tigers battled through pool play earning a spot in the gold bracket. Rock Springs opened the gold bracket with a loss to Billings Senior High School but bounced back to beat Worland, 60-24. Sheridan was able to get by the Tigers in the fifth-place match as Rock Springs walked away with sixth place. There were 17 teams who made the trek to the tournament.

Individually, the Tigers had several strong performances. At 195, John Nowland led the way. Through pool and bracket action, Nowland went 7-0 with all seven wins coming by fall. With the wins, Nowland would represent Rock Springs in the Best of the Best at the end of the tourney. He faced Riverton’s Hayden Wempen and in a tough battle and came up just short in a 4-1 decision.

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While Nowland was the only wrestler to make the Best of the Best, the Tigers had several others who stepped up. At 106, Cameron Metcalf finished the tournament with a 6-1 record. His only loss was to Billings wrestler, Garreth Erhardt. All six of Metcalf’s wins were also by fall.

Ashton Dupape finished the Battle in the Big Horn with a 5-2 record at 113. Both of his losses were to Billings wrestlers, one from Billings Senior and the other from Billings Skyview. He scored three wins by pin.

At 132, Chad Collard would end with an overall record of 5-2. Collard was also a victim of Billings Senior High. His second loss was to Sheridan’s Tucker Goss.

Rock Springs looked good in the higher weights with several Tigers posting 5-2 records. At 152, Wyatt Yenney finished 5-2 with both losses to Billings wrestlers. He had three pins in his five wins.

Kell Ransom went 5-2 at 170. In a change, Ransom beat both his Billings opponents. His losses came from Chase Vialpando of Douglas and Wade Goncalves of Worland. Four of Kell’s wins were by fall.

At 182, Sean Zediker was the final Tiger to finish 5-2. His losses were to wrestlers from Douglas and Sheridan.


Team Results

Pool B – Rock Springs High School is guaranteed 2nd place

Round 1: Rock Springs defeated Douglas 46-30

120 – Taten Bennett (Douglas) over Cole Seymour (RS) Fall 3:18

126 – Brenden Baucum (RS) over Hazen Walmsley (Douglas) Fall 3:47

132 – Chad Collard (RS) over Christian Coffman (Douglas) Fall 3:31

138 – Joe Walker (RS) over Kadin Ewing (Douglas) Fall 3:48

145 – Dylan Sandstgot (Douglas) over Brody Meek (RS) Fall 1:11

152 – Wyatt Yenney (RS) over Jake Logar (Douglas) Maj 14-3

160 – Dawson Lorenz (RS) over Talon Howard (Douglas) Fall 2:49

170 – Chase Vialpando (Douglas) over Kell Ransom (RS) Fall 6:45

182 – Cody Hooker (Douglas) over Sean Zediker (RS) Fall 3:20

195 – John Nowland (RS) over Buddy Albat (Douglas) Fall 1:54

220 – Chance Dutcher (Douglas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

285 – Double Forfeit

106 – Cameron Metcalf (RS) over Tanner Fraas (Douglas) Fall 0:22

113 – Ashton Dupape (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf


Round 2: Rock Springs defeated Lander 52-15

285 – Double Forfeit

106 – Cameron Metcalf (RS over Brady Carey (Lander) Fall 0:37

113 – Ashton Dupape (RS) over Adam Fulkerson (Lander) Fall 0:49

120 – Nathan Redman (Lander) over Cole Seymour (RS) Dec 6-4

126 – William Atnip (Lander) over Brenden Baucum (RS) Fall 4:24

132 – Chad Collard (RS) over Cody BW Blair (Lander) Fall 1:48

138 – Joe Walker (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

145 – Dax BW Read (Lander) over Brody Meek (RS) Fall 0:54

152 – Wyatt Yenney (RS) over Jade BW Palmer (Lander) Maj 8-0

160 – DeAundre Valerde (Lander) over Dawson Lorenz (RS) Fall 4:39

170 – Kell Ransom (RS) over Brody Dempster (Lander) Fall 3:12

182 – Sean Zediker (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

195 – John Nowland (RS) over Austin Bennett (Lander) Fall 1:15

220 – Double Forfeit

Lander Valley High School’s team score was adjusted by -6.000 for BW 145

Rock Springs High School’s team score was adjusted by 6.000 for BW 145


Round 3: Rock Springs defeated Pinedale 70-12

220 – Sergio Saenz (Pinedale) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

285 – Conor Sullivan (Pinedale) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

106 – Cameron Metcalf (RS) over Steven Metz (Pinedale) Fall 3:01

113 – Ashton Dupape (RS) over Victor Vejar (Pinedale) Fall 0:47

120 – Cole Seymour (RS) over Buck BW Butterfield (Pinedale) Fall 2:42

126 – Brenden Baucum (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

132 – Chad Collard (RS) over Cameron Clutter (Pinedale) Fall 0:24

138 – Joe Walker (RS) over Keyla Salazar (Pinedale) Fall 0:55

145 – Brody Meek (RS) over Marcus Cantu (Pinedale) Maj 11-3

152 – Wyatt Yenney (RS) over Chantz Albrecht (Pinedale) Fall 5:47

160 – Dawson Lorenz (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

170 – Kell Ransom (RSl) over Ethan Carson (Pinedale) Fall 0:50

182 – Sean Zediker (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

195 – John Nowland (RS) over Kadar Criddle (Pinedale) Fall 0:40


Round 4: Rock Springs High School received a Bye


Round 5: Billings Skyview defeated Rock Springs 51-27

120 – Austin Ketchum (Billings) over Cole Seymour (RS) Fall 3:24

126 – Danny Miciel (Billings) over Brenden Baucum (RS) Dec 13-12

132 – Chad Collard (Rock Springs) over Cade Kay (Billings) Dec 12-6

138 – Dalton Macey (Billings) over Joe Walker (RS) Fall 2:59

145 – Jake Waterson (Billings) over Brody Meek (RS) Fall 0:24

152 – Brock Bushfield (Billings) over Wyatt Yenney (RSl) Fall 0:50

160 – Jake Malchuski (Billings) over Dawson Lorenz (RS) Fall 1:43

170 – Kell Ransom (RS) over Peyson Melber (Billings) Fall 0:49

182 – Sean Zediker (RS) over Johnny Garcia (Billings) Fall 0:53

195 – John Nowland (RS) over Jake Kiedrowski (Billings) Fall 2:48

220 – Noah Thomas (Billings) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

285 – Ramsey Rutschke (Billings) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

106 – Cameron Metcalf (RS) over Bridger Lamb (Billings) Fall 3:15

113 – Brayden Schwable (Billings) over Ashton Dupape (RS) Fall 2:41


Gold Bracket – Rock Springs High School is guaranteed 6th place

Quarterfinal: Billings Senior defeated Rock Springs 53-18

220 – Cullen Roll (Billings) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

285 – Devan Maua (Billings) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

106 – Garreth Erhardt (Billings) over Cameron Metcalf (RS) Dec 11-6

113 – Charlie Klepps (Billings) over Ashton Dupape (RS) Maj 23-10

120 – Rico Martinez (Billings) over Cole Seymour (RS) Dec 5-2

126 – Tim Ellinger (Billings) over Brenden Baucum (RS) Fall 5:55

132 – Brennon Veis (Billings) over Chad Collard (RS) Maj 10-2

138 – Brendon Vladic (Billings) over Joe Walker (RS) Fall 3:25

145 – Tyger Frye (Billings) over Brody Meek (RS) Fall 0:45

152 – Jacob Fritzer (Billings) over Wyatt Yenney (RS) Dec 12-8

160 – Jese Keehn (Billings) over Dawson Lorenz (RS) Fall 1:32

170 – Kell Ransom (RS) over Deonte Gillespie (Billings) Fall 0:34

182 – Sean Zediker (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

195 – John Nowland (RS) over Zach Foster (Billings) Fall 1:59


Cons. Semi: Rock Springs defeated Worland High School 60-24

285 – Sampson Rich (Worland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

106 – Cameron Metcalf (RS) over Tristen Lungren (Worland) Fall 1:06

113 – Ashton Dupape (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

120 – Glen Anderson (Worland) over Cole Seymour (RS) Fall 1:32

126 – Brenden Baucum (RS) over Hayden Johnston (Worland) Fall 3:15

132 – Chad Collard (RS) over Talon Lloyd (Worland) Fall 0:47

138 – Joe Walker (RS) over Isaac Goncalves (Worland) Fall 3:20

145 – Slade Pitt (RS) over Emiliano Vega (Worland) Fall 3:02

152 – Wyatt Yenney (RS) over Brendin Schumacher (Worland) Fall 1:41

160 – Dawson Lorenz (RS) over Rondo Hernandez (Worland) Fall 1:48

170 – Sean Zediker (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

182 – Wade Goncalves (Worland) over Kell Ransom (RS) Fall 1:59

195 – John Nowland (RS) over Dalen Hernandez (Worland) Fall 5:36

220 – Austin Beck (Worland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf


5th Place Match: Sheridan High School defeated Rock Springs 41-35

106 – Cameron Metcalf (RS) over Garrett Avery (Sheridan) Fall 0:21

113 – Ashton Dupape (RS) over Nathan Willson (Sheridan) Fall 1:26

120 – kel Tritschler (Sheridan) over Cole Seymour (RS) Dec 9-3

126 – Brenden Baucum (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

132 – Tucker Goss (Sheridan) over Chad Collard (RS) Dec 10-4

138 – Dominic Miller (Sheridan) over Joe Walker (RS) TF 17-1

145 – Tymer Goss (Sheridan) over Slade Pitt (RS) Fall 4:50

152 – Wyatt Yenney (RS) over Avery Ellis (Sheridan) Fall 5:04

160 – Josh Wilcox (Sheridan) over Dawson Lorenz (RS) Fall 1:03

170 – Kell Ransom (RS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

182 – Tyler Mauck (Sheridan) over Sean Zediker (RS) Fall 1:51

195 – John Nowland (RS) over Jacob Hallam (Sheridan) Fall 4:30

220 – Carter Mangus (Sheridan) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

285 – Ed Arzy (Sheridan) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Rock Springs’ team score was adjusted by -1.000 for Unsportsman 182