A Custom, Hand Crafted US/Wyoming Flag Will Be Up For bid at the 5th Annual Red Tie Gala

A Custom, Hand Crafted US/Wyoming Flag Will Be Up For bid at the 5th Annual Red Tie Gala

For all you patriotic Wyomingites, this hand crafted US/Wyoming flag will be available during the live auction of the Red Tie Gala.

This crafted flag, measuring 32.5” x 60”, is custom in nature and crafted by hand from beetle kill pine.

In addition to this flag, there will be another US/Wyoming flag featuring steamboat (The Wyoming horse) available at the Red Tie Gala; details and pictures will be released closer to the event.

Purchase your Gala tickets online here.


Red Tie Gala

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The Red Tie Gala will be held February 3, 2018 at the Sweetwater Events Complex; doors will open at 5pm and tickets start at $55.

All proceeds raised will benefit the Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Greatest Needs Fund, an essential fund used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and fund initiatives of Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County. In 2017, the Memorial Hospital Foundation spent $78,000 on equipment and tools that Memorial Hospital needed to improve patient care and patient

Red Tie Gala tickets may be purchased here.


Get Involved in the Event

For more information on the event, donation or sponsorship opportunities, contact the Memorial Hospital Foundation by emailing Tiffany Marshall at tmarshall@sweetwatermemorial.com or calling 307-352-8234.




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