A Thank You Message from Matthew Jackman

A Thank You Message from Matthew Jackman

I came up a little short during this election process. I am pleased to say that I held myself to a higher standard of integrity and kept my clean campaign pledge. The run has been a memorable rewarding experience.

It cannot be understated at how much I appreciate the loyalty and support this community has shown me. I want to thank my friends that sat through meetings, reviewed, and produced materials, and gave me a pat on the back when I needed it.

I want to thank my family for their unending support through the trials and turbulations of the election cycle. I especially want to thank my wife Breanna who never wavered in her loyalty and enthusiasm.

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To my supporters, I encourage each of you to be involved in your community. To join boards, run for positions and volunteer. I urge you to support the next mayor of Rock Springs. We can only control our actions, let’s have those actions make our home, Rock Springs better.

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