Alcon Sentenced to One Year in Sweetwater County Detention Center

Alcon Sentenced to One Year in Sweetwater County Detention Center

ROCK SPRINGS — A 41-year-old Rock Springs woman was sentenced to one year in the Sweetwater County Detention Center and three years of supervised probation for her role in an incident that occurred in Skyline Village on January 31.

Amanda Alcon was the third of three suspects sentenced in the incident that involved a shooting at the trailer park in east Rock Springs. She pleaded no contest to felony conspiracy to commit possession of a deadly weapon with unlawful intent. 

Court documents show that on that night in January a vehicle drove by the residence of Kami Bernal and discharged a firearm into her trailer in an attempt to hit Brandon Bernal.

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Alcon, Darell Booker and Tavarez Hughes were subsequently arrested in connection to the shooting.

Kami Bernal berated Alcon during a victim impact statement saying Alcon and the others had no idea who was in the trailer at the time of the shooting and could have killed a number of residents. She accused Alcon of orchestrating the entire incident with the intent of trying to get Brandon Bernal out of the trailer and “down to the park so that you could kill him.”

“Twelve months or 5 years is not enough jail time for you,” Bernal told Alcon. “You could have prevented this, you could have stopped this, but you chose not to.”

She also accused Alcon of manipulating Hughes, an impressionable teen, into pulling the trigger and questioned Alcon’s ability as a mother because she brought her own children to the drive-by shooting that night.

Hughes pleaded guilty to four separate counts on July 18 including aggravated assault and battery and possession of a deadly weapon with unlawful intent, and was sentenced to the Wyoming State Penitentiary for 3-5 years.

Booker pleaded no contest on July 11 to conspiracy to commit possession of a deadly weapon with unlawful intent and received a suspended 4-5 year prison sentence in exchange for three years supervised probation.

Judge Suzannah Robinson accepted the plea agreement but told Alcon that this was a completely senseless crime involving so many individuals. She said the shooting stemmed from an incident that happened years ago and “it’s just ridiculous that it happened.”

Robinson pointed out that both Alcon and Booker have spent time in federal prison, but it does not appear that she’s making positive changes to her life.

Sweetwater County Attorney Dan Erramouspe concurred with Bernal’s sentiment but said the plea agreement was made initially because of concern for a 13-year-old child who was potentially facing the imprisonment of both parents.

He said it was important that at least part of the sentence be served in Sweetwater County so the parents would have some proximity to the child.