Annual Labor Day Picnic Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Annual Labor Day Picnic Cancelled Due to COVID-19

ROCK SPRINGS —The Labor Day picnic, sponsored by the Southwestern Wyoming Central Labor Council (SWCLC), and held annually at Crossroads West Park in Rock Springs has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The picnic was scheduled for September 7.

“We made the decision to cancel the picnic for safety reasons after speaking with health care professionals. We look forward to the picnic every year but there is no way we can maintain everyone’s safety at this time. Please celebrate separately this year so we can all be here to celebrate together next year,” SWCLC President Monte Morlock said.

In lieu of the food drive that accompanies the annual picnic, the Labor Council will be making a monetary donation to the local food banks and encourage everyone to do the same.

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The Central Labor Council is affiliated with the AFL-CIO and works to improve the lives of working people.

They strive to ensure all working people are treated fairly, with decent paychecks and benefits, safe jobs, dignity, and equal opportunities.

SWCLC helps make safe, equitable workplaces and give working people a collective voice to address workplace issues without fear of retaliation. They fight for social and economic justice and work to defeat oppression in all its forms.