#ANSWERED: What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

#ANSWERED: What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

Today is the day we have been waiting for ALL. MONTH. LONG. It’s Thanksgiving! The day of love, gratitude, and most importantly… FOOD – or maybe it’s the other way around. ?

In the spirit of eating until our pants no longer fit, we we asked YOU (our followers and subscribers) on FacebookInstagram, and in our newsletter to #TELLUS what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is.


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Here’s what you said ?

  • “Kluskie Noodles.” -Donna E.
  • “I’m now 86-years old and the memories of my mother’s dinner rolls and pecan pies and my grandmother’s pumpkin pies return to me every year.  Their tastes cannot be replicated. ? For some unknown reason, I could never get Mom’s dinner rolls, butter, and jelly to come out even!” Also, because we were Czech, kolache for breakfast is a must!” -Carol
  • “Pineapple Pie. It’s a pineapple custard pie. Started with great-grandma…” -Steve C.
  • “Stuffing and gravy!” -Debbie G.  
  • “Stuffing!” -Randy P.
  • “Green bean casserole.” -Amber P.
  • “All of it. ?” -Matt R.
  • “All of it!!” -Jim G.
  • “Anything I don’t have to cook!” ?? -Trisha M.
  • “Red chili, tortillas, tamales, ham.” -Gary C.

Thanks for answering! ?