#ANSWERED What Is Your Go-To LOCAL Coffee Shop?

#ANSWERED What Is Your Go-To LOCAL Coffee Shop?

Coffee, the drink that is partly responsible for keeping us coffee drinkers awake, alert, and productive – no matter how little we slept last night.

Aside from keeping us awake at work, to most people coffee tastes AMAZING… especially when you add a little sugar and/or cream.

Last week, we asked YOU on Facebook and in our newsletter to #TELLUS what your go-to LOCAL coffee shop is, and what you order.

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If you’re looking for some new coffee orders or places to try, you are in luck!

Here are some of your go-to LOCAL coffee shops & orders ?

  • “I always go to Hooligans and get the Jack Frost!” -Shailee M.
  • GR COFFEE, Iced Mocha with ?.” -Bobbi D. 
  • “Coal train coffee and the Carmel kiss cold nitro brew! Delicious and gives you that extra kick of caffeine you need. ?☕” -Ashley C.
  • Sweetwater Sno N’ Jo! Either Lavender Redbull or London Fog.” -Tania S.
  • Get real coffee! ?” -Estevia T.
  • “Hooligan’s Espresso – the staff is amazing, and the one bad drink I had there was fixed immediately.
  • Coal Train Coffee!!! Love the place. I call it “fluffy coffee” Usually a Mocha with only one shot.” -Melinda Bass
  • Bucking Coffee for iced coffee. Coffee cubes are genius. Hooligans for everything else. The best place in town for flavored red bulls.” -Brandon N.
  • Pine Coffee in Pinedale (that’s local, right?). Iced Chai Latte with almond milk.” -Brandi C.
  • Morning Grind!!!” -Cindy K.
  • Get Real Coffee is by far the best around. I’m picky about espresso and living in Seattle set the bar high for me. In the summer I love their iced mocha. The coffee ice cubes are awesome.  In the winter, it’s a soy latte for me.  The espresso is amazing and doesn’t require any flavors to make it delicious! Their breakfast and lunches are fabulous too. I’m a fan of the Mediterranean chicken quesadilla, and the green chili smothered burritos.” -Amanda C.
  • Coal Train Coffee – Mocha hot. The atmosphere and staff are the best! And great coffee!” -Christine R.
  • Hooligan’s Espresso – the staff is amazing, and the one bad drink I had there, it was fixed immediately. 16oz sugar free skinny English Toffee with a shot of sf Halzelnut, or a 16 oz ff, sf Kinky Karter (both blended). -Anne-Marie O.
  • Get Real Coffee in Green River. Ive been to coffee shops coast to coast. We have the most awesome place there is.” -Dorothe N.
  • “My go-to coffee shop in Rock Springs is Sweetwater Sno N’ Jo. I order an iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso. Most recently the super friendly ladies there suggested I try an iced pumpkin spice caramel macchiato. YUM!!” -Sarah W.
  • Get Real Coffee, Sandy Beach! Yum! And their biscuits and gravy are awesome!” -Mary C.
  • Coal Train Coffee Depot! Either Creamo-chino or Mocha Latte.” -K A Gilbert
  • Mountain mocha in Pinedale. I get a mountain mocha with Mexican chocolate, skim milk, no foam. I would get coffee in Daniel if there was a shop!!! Hint, hint.” -Bettina S.
  • Sidekicks!” -Tammy M.
  • Bike and Trike….Carmel Mocha” -The Demshars
  • Stellar Coffee ☕” -Sasha N.
  • Hooligans & I order a spiced chai ?” -Blake J.
  • Sno N Jo!!! A Breve Latte!” -Melissa S.

Thanks for answering, everyone!