Application Submitted to Convert Bridger Power Plant to Natural Gas

Application Submitted to Convert Bridger Power Plant to Natural Gas

PacifiCorp officials forecast that the conversion to natural gas on two units at the Jim Bridger plant will ensure their sustainability until 2034.

ROCK SPRINGS — Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) has submitted an application with the Wyoming Public Service Commission to convert the primary fuel source from coal to natural gas for Units 1 and 2 at the Jim Bridger Power Plant east of Rock Springs.

A public notice was published on Wednesday confirming the application. A complete description of the application can be found here. After opening the link, enter record number 17212.

RMP submitted the application on December 9, 2022 requesting the Commission’s approval of its proposed conversion of the fuel source at the Bridger units from coal to natural gas.

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The proposed conversion includes several specifications including:

  • Construction of a new natural gas pipeline to and within the power plant’s property to allow for natural gas delivery
  • Construction of new gas line heaters and a new regulator station to control the pressure being introduced into the burners
  • New natural gas burners and ignitors to allow for natural gas firing and electrical generation at an estimated 531-539 MW for each unit
  • Primary air fan duct modifications

PacifiCorp, a two-thirds owner of the Jim Bridger plant, says the total cost of conversion to natural gas would be about $28 million which includes the Idaho Power Company share. PacifiCorp total share would be approximately $18.7 million.

The company said it expects to begin the conversion in November this year and currently includes plans to take Bridger Units 1 and 2 offline concurrently at the end of the year. The units are expected to be back in service by May 2024.

Pacificorp also forecasts that the conversion to natural gas will ensure the sustainability of the units through 2034.

The company’s 2021 Integrated Resource Plan determined the conversion to natural gas would be the least-cost, least-risk option for PacifiCorp and its customers.

The conversion has minimal cost, requires minimal construction and can allow the Company to continue providing electrical generation for its customers from this existing power plant for which it already has a CPCN while satisfying its emissions control obligations.

PacifiCorp application statement

The public will have the opportunity to file a statement, intervention petition, protest or request a public hearing in this matter. Those interested must do so in writing before January 30.

Correspondence should be sent to:

Wyoming Public Service Commission
2515 Warren Avenue, Suite 300
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Residents must also mention Docket No. 20000-628-EA-22 in all correspondence.

if you’d like to participate in this matter and require reasonable accommodations for disability, contact the commission at 307-777-7427.