Aquatic Invasive Species Watercraft Check Stations Begin Closing This Weekend

Aquatic Invasive Species Watercraft Check Stations Begin Closing This Weekend

GREEN RIVER — The 2018 boating season is winding down and Wyoming Game and Fish Department Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) check stations throughout the state are set to close.

The first closure takes place September 9 at Fire Hole on the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Check stations at Anvil Draw on the Flaming, the Kemmerer Ranger Station and the Evanston Port of Entry will be closing on September 15.

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The Evanston Port of Entry will be open when an inspector is available through the end of November.  Call ahead to make sure an inspector is available and/or to schedule an appointment. 307-677-1238 or 307-875-3225 extension 8622.

Green River AIS Specialist Wes Gordon says that it’s important to remember any conveyance being transported into the state of Wyoming is required to be inspected before launching on any water in the state until after November 30th.

“This requirement is extended year-round if the conveyance was last used in any water infested with zebra and or quagga mussels,” Gordon said.

“Please remember to stay vigilant and to clean, drain, and dry your watercraft after every use. Additionally, be sure your plugs and other water barriers remain out and/or open during transport.”

For a list of infested waters visit: media/content/PDF/Fishing/AIS_ INFESTED_WATER.pdf

For a list of inspection locations and private inspectors visit: and-Boating/Aquatic-Invasive- Species-Prevention/AIS- Inspection-Locations

Aquatic invasive species are non-native organisms that can cause significant harm to an ecosystem when introduced.

Aquatic invasive species, like zebra and quagga mussels, are small organisms that could have huge impacts for Wyoming’s waters, boaters, and anglers.

They can ruin fisheries, clog cooling systems in motorboats, foul hulls, and ruin equipment. Anyone who uses water or recreates on water will be impacted.