The Battle between Montana and Wyoming

The Battle between Montana and Wyoming

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Travel Battle

Yahoo Travel released an article in October of last year pitting Montana against Wyoming. The article written by Reggie Nadelson featured several reasons why a person would want to visit each state, then allowed people to vote on a winner.

I will admit, last time I drove through Montana I thought it was a beautiful place. When I left, I wanted to go back and spend some more time there. I also really enjoyed Missoula. But there are several places in Wyoming that I still need to visit or would like to revisit. Places like Adobe Town, Half Moon Lake, Devil’s Tower and a several others.

The voting is already over, but you can check out the original article, Wild West Smackdown: Montana Versus Wyoming, to see the voting results and the reasons presented for visiting either state.

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It is vistas similar to the one used as the feature image of this article that I would use as reasons for visiting Wyoming.

Let us know in the comments below what places or reasons would you have given to those not from Wyoming to persuade them to visit Wyoming.

Image via Yahoo Travel