BIG DISCOUNTS at Spa World During Wyoming’s Big Show

Rock Springs Spa World Swim Spas

During Wyoming’s Big Show, Spa World is offering BIG DISCOUNTS.

We have spas that will fit into everyone’s budget and allow the whole family to swim, exercise or relax together.

Our inventory includes:

  • Swim spas
  • Mahogany gazebos
  • Hot tubs
  • And more

Call us today at 307-922-0115 or come and check out our showroom on 415 North Center Street in Rock Springs.


Catalina Swim Spas

Spa World Swim Spas

Freestyle 14 Gold
  • Overlap Shell Finish
  • Tiled swimlane and waterline
  • Standup massage station
  • Quad 4.0 horsepower pumps
  • Turbo hot air blower
  • 3 stainless steel river swim jets
  • Exercise equipment pack
  • 8 crystal water features
  • Underwater lighting


Spa World Swim Spas

Relay 16 Premium
  • Dual Temperature with 5 person Spa
  • Overlap shell finish
  • Tiled Swimlane and waterline
  • Stand up massage station
  • Two 18″ LED spill-over waterfalls
  • 3 stainless steel river swim jets
  • Exercise equipment pack
  • 6 crystal waterfalls on pool
  • 2 crystal waterfalls on spa
  • Underwater lighting
  • Independent balboa pool and spa controls
  • Independent pool and spa filtration
  • Independent pool and spa heating
  • Pool and spa heated turbo air blowers


Mahogany Gazebos

Spa World Mahogany Gazebos