Big Fish Caught Ice Fishing at Flaming Gorge this Winter

Big Fish Caught Ice Fishing at Flaming Gorge this Winter

Flaming Gorge is known for its great fishing year round and the harsh Wyoming winter is no deterrent for many diehard fishermen. We collected some images of big fish caught ice fishing on the Gorge this winter, some of which we posted on our Instagram page.

Enjoy seeing these fish without experiencing the cold.


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The Fish

This fish is not very long compared to the others, but it’s a fatty.


If you look at Johnnie Boylen’s Instagram page, you’ll see he’s caught a few big fish this winter. This monster is only one of them.


This monster was not caught while the lake was frozen over, but the extreme cold during which it was caught (around -20°F or lower) made us feel like it qualified as ice fishing.

Check out this monster of a #fish caught by @jenfishje while #fishing at #flaminggorge

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Clay Allen has some great wildlife pictures on his Instagram. Looks like his attempt at ice fishing this winter was successful at least once when you look at this big fish he caught about a week ago.

That’s one big #fish caught #icefishing #Repost from @clayallen74

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Not only is the lake covered in snow and ice, but so is this whopper.

The man, the myth, the legend. #theoriginalbigmac

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Here’s another big one caught by Johnnie Boylen. We are wondering what his secret is.


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