BLM Kemmerer Initiates Commissary Ridge Whitebark Pine Project


KEMMERER – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Kemmerer Field Office (KFO) will initiate a 253-acre tree mastication project on Commissary Ridge, 18 miles north of Kemmerer, Wyo., on Sept. 12.

Commissary Ridge is home to one of Wyoming’s southernmost stands of whitebark pine, a BLM Wyoming sensitive species. The stand is threatened by mountain pine beetle, white pine blister rust and Subalpine Fir, a more shade-tolerant conifer that directly competes with whitebark pine for light, water and nutrients, making the pine trees more susceptible to insects and disease.

Heavy equipment will remove and crush mountain pine beetle-infested whitebark pine as well as Subalpine Fir within a 50-foot radius of healthy whitebark pine trees. Outdoor enthusiasts are advised to avoid mastication operations which are anticipated to end in early October.

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For more information, please contact KFO Forester Jason Sieg at 307-828-4556.