BLM to Conduct Aerial Weed Treatments in Sweetwater County

Photo by Jennifer Strickland, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

ROCK SPRINGS– The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) High Desert District will administer weed treatments on 3,000 acres of cheatgrass in and around the Currant Creek drainage near Rock Springs, from October 7 – October 11, 2019. This is one of the most prolific concentrations of cheatgrass in the High Desert district.

The purpose is to control expanding populations of noxious and invasive weeds. The treatments will also improve habitat for wildlife and livestock grazing. The aerial application project is being coordinated with Sweetwater County Weed and Pest.

This partnership is vital to the BLM’s mission of keeping public landscapes healthy and productive for the benefit of wildlife, traditional land uses like grazing and other resources and uses. The herbicide imazapic will be sprayed from a helicopter beginning Oct. 7, however, actual spraying days will depend on weather conditions.

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Any disturbance impacts to human, wildlife or livestock associated with low level helicopter flights will be short in duration. The process usually only lasts a few hours as the helicopter completes application of imazapic on identified treatment units. BLM and partners are trying to balance aircraft availability and optimal application timeframes with hunting season date, for the overall success of the project.

Individuals with elevated sensitivities to herbicides should avoid the treatment areas during application. The area will remain open during the project dates, however, please use caution to avoid spraying operations. Spraying will not occur in any area whenever the helicopter pilot detects human presence.

For more information, please contact Rich Howe at (307) 352-0211. For more information about BLM Wyoming, please visit