Branches, Ice, Wind: An Early Fall Snow Day in Photos

Branches, Ice, Wind: An Early Fall Snow Day in Photos

Although 2020 has been labeled a strange year, perhaps it isn’t quite as strange as the weather in Wyoming.

An early fall snow day made its way throughout the state of Wyoming, making sure to pass by Sweetwater County. Violent winds coupled with wet snow and freezing temperatures left behind some eye-popping scenery around Rock Springs and Green River.

We know it’s cold outside, so we braved the less-than-desirable weather and went out to snap some photos in the community of the first snowstorm of the year. We’ve also included some photos from our readers.

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Stay warm and stay safe, friends! ❄️

A frozen tree branch rests in front of the Rock Springs Coal sign in downtown Rock Springs.
A tree at Green River City Hall blew over. This was just one of many trees that couldn’t withstand the wind.
This stop sign blends in with the white environment after being blasted by snow.
The sign of Maverick gas station was blown off in Green River. The gas station was just one of many other signs that were damaged from the winter storm.
Kaden Allen chills out on his snow day. Photo courtesy Jennifer Allen.
Part of the Animal Clinic of Green River’s roof blew off from the winds.
The Rock Springs High School parking lot sits empty. Sweetwater County School District No. 1 and Sweetwater County School District No. 2 canceled school for the day due to the weather.
Renee Piling sent in this photo overlooking Green River this morning.
A large tree blew over on top of this truck towards the northern part of Rock Springs. The tree was cut down and removed from the vehicle this morning.
Traffic moves slowly as the flying snow creates a low visibility environment. Photo courtesy Braxton Boman.
Branches litter residential streets throughout Rock Springs. Strong winds and snow have snapped many branches off and in some cases blown entire trees over.
The roof of Rocky Mountain Car Wash in Green River was found in the parking lots of McDonald’s and Taco Bell.
The first snow to cover the brand new football field at Tiger Stadium.
Semi trucks wait out the storm at the Flying J gas station in Rock Springs.
Green grass peeks through the layer of ice now covering it.
This tree was uprooted on Bridger Drive in Green River.
This bike made for the perfect snow sculpture. Photo courtesy of Ricko Betonas.
Another tree in Green River near East Teton fell victim to the winds