Bridger Teton National Forest to Begin Burning Slash Piles

Bridger Teton National Forest to Begin Burning Slash Piles

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PINEDALE — The Bridger Teton National Forest will begin burning slash piles on the Big Piney and Pinedale Ranger Districts. Spring pile burning could begin as early as today, and continue through the end of May or early June, depending on weather, fuels conditions, and access.

These piles are located throughout both districts and are the product of the Forest Service hazardous fuels reduction program, which involves mechanical or hand thinning (removing trees to reduce forest density and improve forest health) and slash generated by timber sales, as well as other miscellaneous project work. Slash is the limbs, trucks, and other material that is piled by forest personnel or contractors and left to cure. Most of the wood is of small diameter and the piles are designed to burn efficiently so that all material is completely consumed.

Piles are only ignited when fire and fuels managers are confident that the project can be undertaken safely and successfully. Snow cover, fuel moisture, precipitation, wind, temperature, and available firefighter staffing are all taken into consideration before beginning a pile burn. Smoke, flames, and glowing embers are often visible, and are a normal part of pile burning operations. Snow and moist ground help contain the piles and firefighters patrol the area during and after the burn.

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For more information call the Big Piney Ranger District at 307-276-3375 or the Pinedale Ranger District at 307-367-4326. Learn more about the Bridger-Teton National Forest and its fire and fuels programs on our website or