Catching Up With the Past: Lyndzie and Makenzie Kroupa

Catching Up With the Past: Lyndzie and Makenzie Kroupa

Photo Courtesy of Lyndzie Kroupa.

COLORADO — Not many athletes get the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level, let alone with your twin sister. But that’s not the case for Lyndzie and Makenzie Kroupa who are both members of Colorado Mesa University’s Women’s Track and Field team.

The Kroupa’s new home in Colorado wasn’t an opportunity that was necessarily planned from the start. That opportunity came as a result of humility, dedication and the right people.

Growing a Love for Track

Both Lyndzie and Makenzie were multi-sport athletes at Rock Springs High School. Love for track and field did not come immediately for the pair, as basketball was the preferred sport.

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Thanks to the efforts of coaches Taylor Kelting and Casey Walker, Lyndzie and Makenzie began to see their potential in a track career through the eyes of their mentors. What had been an enjoyable sport suddenly took on a different meaning towards the end of both of the Kroupa’s high school career.

“I was surrounded by coaches that cared about me, who believed in me, who I trusted and who I genuinely enjoyed being around. The camaraderie that was created between athlete and coach made the training and meets much more enjoyable,” Lyndzie said.

Coach Kelting also would train with Lyndzie and Makenzie in the offseason and even take them to meets in California. Makenzie mentioned that the actions by her coach helped her love the sport.

“Without him (Taylor Kelting) creating such a fun environment and believing in us to the extent that he did, I don’t know if my love for the sport would have grown as much as it did,” Makenzie said.

As for the accomplishments, the list gets quite lengthy for the twin sisters and their athletic achievements. Makenzie earned All-Conference four times in track, was a state champion in the 4×400 relay with an overall state record in the event, All-Conference golfer twice, second team all-conference in basketball and earned 12 varsity sport letters. Lyndzie also recorded an impressive high school career as an All-Conference and All-State golfer, All-Conference four times in track, All-State two times in track, Female Senior Athlete Award, 11 varsity sport lettermen, state champion in the 4×400 relay along with the Wyoming state record in the event.

Makenzie Kroupa.

Continued Success

After completing a successful track and field career at RSHS, the Kroupa’s joined forces with Colorado Mesa University. Makenzie competes in the triple jump and Lyndzie laces up for the 60 and 100 meter hurdles.

Besides dedicating more time to the sport they have come to love, the Kroupa’s have pulled a handful of lessons from their time at Colorado Mesa.

“As a person and athlete both, I have learned perseverance,” Lyndzie said. “My college career has been filled with many ups and downs, but it has all taught me to keep pushing no matter what. There are going to times when things don’t go your way and want to quit. But you can never let that get the best of you; you must keep pushing and it will eventually pay off.”

For Makenzie, time has also been key to her success as a student-athlete.

“… One of the most important things I’ve learned is time management. It’s such a huge part in being successful, whether it’s on the track or in the classroom. When you practice for at least two hours a day, have weight lifting several days a week, and homework from multiple classes, you have to make the most of every free minute you have,” Makenzie said.

Perseverance and time management have played a role in the sisters maintaining above a 3.5 GPA academically. On the athletics side, Makenzie has qualified for the RMAC Championship meet every year (the top 18 for indoor and 24 for outdoor for each event make the meet), two-time All-RMAC honor roll recipient and has been nominated to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Lyndzie has also made the All-RMAC honor roll three times, placed fifth in the 60 meter hurdle, earned second team All-RMAC and holds the third fastest 60 hurdle and sixth fastest 100 hurdle times in school history.

Lyndzie Kroupa.

Onward and Upward, Together

As the Kroupa’s head into their last season together as Mavericks, the duo seek to finish strong together.

Lyndzie has battled a hamstring injury for the last two years. Her main focus will be on staying healthy while placing top five in her respective events at conference meets. As for Makenzie, qualifying for the RMAC Championship and maintaining her outstanding GPA will be at the center of her efforts.

The Kroupa’s collegiate careers have been nothing short than memorable. From successful outcomes academically and athletically, the two attribute their special memories to one another.

“Having my twin on the team definitely makes it special and creates a more memorable experience for us,” Makenzie said. “Whether it’s pre-competition nerves or struggling through a tough workout, it’s comforting knowing that my sister is going to be there to support and cheer me on. I have someone to confide in when trying to balance track workouts and class since she’s going through the same experience. In my opinion, there’s no greater feeling than getting to watch my sister compete and see her accomplish all the things I know she’s worked hard for.”

Much like her sister, Lyndzie had similar words to share about her sister and experience as a college athlete.

“Having my sister by my side has made this experience so much more special. When joining a new team, it can be scary entering a new environment with unfamiliar faces, so it was comforting showing up and already having a friend on the team. As a track athlete, you go through plenty of ups and downs, and having my sister around makes those hard times more bearable. You have someone you can confide in and vent to because they understand exactly what you are going through. I think being a part of the same team has made us grow even closer (if that’s even possible.) We can look back on the special moments that track has given us and are able to share those special moments together. Being a college athlete is an honor that not many people get to experience, so being able to share that with my sister makes it much more special,” Lyndzie said.