CBWY: Caring for Our Community is Who We Are

CBWY: Caring for Our Community is Who We Are

At Commerce Bank of Wyoming, we are proud to provide the best banking services we possibly can.

Because we know our work has an impact on you—our community.

A CBWY business checking account could be the way you advance your small business, and our commitment to supporting local business runs deep. A CBWY smart savings account could be your path to something you have always wanted—a vacation, a down payment on a house, an engagement ring.

Our banking services support your finances, give back to the community and help you build your life.
That’s why we like to say that excellent banking is what we do, and caring for our community is who we are. Caring for this Sweetwater County community is built right into the CBWY company culture.

Our company culture can be distilled into six core statements. These five values guide all of our interactions with each other and the community so we can provide the reliable, caring service you deserve.

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The CBWY Culture Statements:

  • Service: Exceed the need. Nothing is beyond us.
  • Win: We win through customer growth and loyalty.
  • Attitude: Be humble. Be hungry. Be smart
  • Community Minded: We are better together. Be part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Expertise: Expand knowledge and empower employees.
  • Support: We work as a team. Be protective of and value one another.

Everything we do comes back to service and community mindedness. We have a sense of duty to Rock Springs and Sweetwater County because this is our home and you are our neighbors.

So to us, banking is more than banking. It’s a way to give back, reinvest in our community and support your goals. No matter what you need, CBWY has your back.

Stop by our office or visit CommerceBankWyoming.com to see our culture statements in action, serving you and our community.

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