Christmas Cookie Contest – Send Us Your Favorite Cookie Recipe!

Christmas Cookie Contest – Send Us Your Favorite Cookie Recipe!

Dough for christmas cookies and baking accessories.

To celebrate the tradition of making cookies during the holiday season, we are doing a Christmas Cookie Contest!

Baking Christmas cookies has become a tradition for my mom and I, as it may be for many in the cold month of December.

The warmth of the oven warms the home, and the smell and taste of freshly baked cookies fills us with joy.

How To Participate

While you’re doing your annual baking of cookies this month, send us your favorite Christmas cookie recipe along with a photo of the finished cookie product and we will post your recipe to our website!

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  • Email recipes to
    • Optional: Feel free to send in any additional photos of the baking process or of you making the cookies to include with your recipe. It’s all in the Christmas Cookie Spirit!
    • Optional: Include a little background information about your recipe or about your experience making the cookies to go along with the recipe, if you like.

As our Christmas gift to you, one lucky cookie recipe contestant will win a $25 gift card to the Outlaw Inn.

  • The winner will be announced Thursday, December 21. Winner will be randomly chosen.

Lilly’s Christmas Cookies

We try to make a few varieties every year. We taste them as we’re baking, and we end up giving most of them away as gifts to our neighbors and friends. Oh well, it’s the holiday spirit I suppose.

One of my favorites are Snow Cap Cookies, which we made a couple years ago, shown here. Send in photos like these to go along with your recipes if you’d like.

Snow Cap Cookies