City of Green River Recognizes School Crossing Guards

City of Green River Recognizes School Crossing Guards

The Green River crossing guards were recognized for their dedication to keeping kids safe during the Green River City Council meeting Tuesday night. City of Green River photo

GREEN RIVER — The Green River Police Department (GRPD) and the Green River City Council recognized the city’s crossing guards during the council meeting Tuesday night.

GRPD Captain Shaun Sturlaugson acts as supervisor for the crossing guards, and he gave them accolades for their dedication towards keeping kids safe.

“They are a very dedicated group of individuals that show up every morning and every afternoon, without fault, whether it’s 95 degrees in August or 10 below in January,” Sturlaugson said. “They stand out there and make sure our kids get to school safe every day and get home safe every day.”

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He said the job is a demanding one as well as a dangerous one. While drivers are hurrying to and from work, the crossing guards are the ones who direct traffic to keep the kids safe as they cross busy streets.

“The job is more demanding than it initially appears because they’re essentially doing traffic control, which is something we do a lot, and we all hate it,” Sturlaugson said, speaking on behalf of the police department.

Sturlaugson said that the crossing guards care about the safety of the community’s children, and it is obvious in their dedication to this job.

“They all love doing it because of what it means. It means that our kids are safe every morning as they cross dangerous streets,” he said.