Cold Front Helps to Suppress Mullen Fire Growth, Remains at 78,000 Acres

Cold Front Helps to Suppress Mullen Fire Growth, Remains at 78,000 Acres

Photo by Chip Redmond, Incident Meteorologist

ALBANY COUNTY — The Mullen Fire in the Medicine Bow National Forest remained at 77,950 acres over night as a cold front allowed firefighters to return to the southeast end of the fire. The fire remains two percent contained and there are currently 525 firefighters on scene.

Fighting the fire on the southeast end allowed personnel to resume structure defense actions and to assess properties in impacted areas including Lower Keystone, Lake Creek, and Foxborough.

Next, they will forward their assessments to the Albany County Sheriff’s Office who will directly contact homeowners if notifications are necessary. The Sheriff’s Office will announce when that process is concluded.

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Today, crews will continue structure protection work in communities south of the fire. Firefighters will also work the area where the fire crossed Highway 230 south of Woods Landing. They will use the highway as an anchor point to tie fireline into the area burned by the Badger Creek Fire (2017). Other areas of focus will be the 543 Road south of Rob Roy Reservoir and securing possible advance to the Sheep Mountain area.

Fire crews have multiple planes and helicopters on site to assist with suppression efforts, though strong winds and low cloud ceilings have limited their use the last two days. Those aerial resources may be utilized today under more favorable weather conditions. 

A cold front moved into the area yesterday, bringing cooler temperatures, cloud cover, and higher humidity, and some light precipitation fell on portions of the fire. The incoming front shifted winds. This northwest wind pattern is expected to continue throughout the week along with a drying trend and increased temperatures. Critical to near-critical fire weather is expected for the next few days.

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