Come Celebrate Goats’ One-Year Anniversary and Help Raise Money for Marci Flint

Come Celebrate Goats’ One-Year Anniversary and Help Raise Money for Marci Flint

Goats restaurant inside BadassBrews. Is dedicating their one-year anniversary to raising money for Marci Flint, who has cerebral cavernous malformations (CCMs) that are bleeding. All donations will help to cover the costs of her brain surgery.


May 11th
11 AM – 9 PM

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98 N 1st E Street Green River

Please come join them for a night of fun, food, and music while supporting a worthy cause.

At the tender age of 14, Marci, a freshman at Lyman High School, experienced a tonic-clonic seizure (formerly known as a grand mal seizure) during a soccer practice in early March. Following the seizure, Marci was rushed by ambulance to Evanston Regional, where a mass was discovered on her brain. Subsequently, she was transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital, where she received a rare diagnosis known as meningioangiomatosis which the doctors told them initially. This was her first diagnosis. It was at her next appointment that the surgeon told us Marci had been misdiagnosed and has Cerebral Cavernous Malformations that are bleeding in her brain (CCM), causing the seizures.. Marci now faces a challenging journey, beginning with surgery to remove the mass, followed by recommended treatment.

Since her diagnosis, Marci has been readmitted to the ER due to partial seizures and remains under close monitoring while taking high doses of anti-seizure medication, which, unfortunately, come with adverse side effects. At present, Marci’s physical activity is limited, and she experiences ongoing monitoring. Despite the challenges, including loss of balance and coordination, headaches, and lethargy, Marci maintains a positive and optimistic outlook on life and her recovery.

 Appointments and further testing have been scheduled to test for other areas of the body that may have these malformations because they can occur in any soft tissue, with her spine being the most likely other area to be affected. Marci and her mom will meet with her surgeon in a few weeks to discuss surgical removal and treatment for the malformations that are bleeding and will continue regular monitoring as this is a lifelong issue. Along with the adverse effects of the anti-seizure medication, she is currently diagnosed as having drug-resistant epilepsy. This requires her to have constant supervision and limits her activities as well, due to always needing to stay in cellphone service and away from water. Marci’s medical team has scheduled additional appointments and tests to examine other areas of her body that may be affected by the malformations. These can occur in any soft tissue, and her spine is the most likely other area to be affected.

Marci resides with her mother, Gina, and her four siblings: Marci’s siblings are: Natalie (20), Nate (17), Track (13), and Roczen (8).  Marci is a pillar of support for her family and friends, offering encouragement and enthusiasm for their endeavors, big and small. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, singing, playing volleyball, hiking, and spending time at the lake.

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