Commissioners Approve Southwest Counseling Building Donation

Commissioner Wally Johnson listens to discussion during a meeting of the Sweetwater County Commissioners.

GREEN RIVER — The Sweetwater County Commissioners approved the acceptance of a 4,000 sq. ft. modular building from Jonah Energy, LLC to Southwest Counseling Service.

After a brief discussion regarding the aesthetics of the building, commissioners approved it unanimously.

“I would ask that it be aesthetically pleasing and not look like a trailer that’s been repositioned,” said Commissioner John Kolb.

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Southwest Counseling CEO Linda Acker was on hand to answer questions. She said that the building would look good and be located on space between the Foothill Blvd building and the Ankeny Way building.

The building is currently located about 21 miles south of Boulder, WY. The building would need to be relocated and, in order to comply with City of Rock Springs building codes, be placed on a fixed foundation with proper supports.

Plan One Architects evaluated the building and said in a letter provided in the agenda packet that the building had little issues with compliance to code.

The architect went on to say that when compared to the cost of constructing a new building, the process of relocating, refurbishing, and modernizing the modular building was a feasible option.

By the provided estimates, new construction of a similar building would cost between $860,000 and $940,000.

The cost of relocating, refurbishing, and modify the donated building would cost between $150,000 and $200,000.

Acker said that Southwest Counseling had the funds to complete the building move and renovations, though likely to be done in phases.

In another action today, commissioners approved a letter of support for Southwest Counseling’s annual application for state funding, which is submitted to the Wyoming Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Division.

The application is to go after additional funding for mental health and substance abuse services, said Acker.