Community Pulls Together to Help Out Local Brothers in Need

Community Pulls Together to Help Out Local Brothers in Need

The bottoms of the boy's shoes had holes in them. The community rallied together to get donations together in one single evening to surprise the boys with the new gear the next morning. Photo contributed by Jenny Lawrence.

GREEN RIVER– When a young Green River boy revealed to his school bus driver and school bus aide that his family could not afford a winter coat for him, they acted quickly in rallying the community together to help them out.

The boy stepped on the school bus without a coat on Thursday, December 5, and the Sweetwater County School District #2 bus driver Audrey Gomez Miner, and school bus aide, Jenny Lawrence, took notice immediately.

“He had an oversized sweater on,” Lawrence said. “I asked him where his coat was when he got on the bus and he said he didn’t have one and his parents couldn’t afford one.”

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That was when Lawrence also discovered the boy’s shoes had holes in the bottoms and he didn’t have any socks on.

When he got off the bus, Miner expressed concern that the family might not be able to afford food to eat.

“We decided we would round some things up for him,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence did not know how she was going to help the young boy yet, but she assured him she would “hook him up,” when he got on the bus after school that afternoon. When he got off the bus to go home, Lawrence noticed he had a younger brother as well.

“We had to help him too,” Lawrence said.

Miner and Lawrence checked the SWCSD #2 Transportation Department lost and found and discovered a jacket that was fairly small, but they took it just in case.

That night, Lawrence made a Facebook post asking for donations for the kids. She was overwhelmed by the response.

“So many wonderful people donated,” Lawrence said.

Not only did people donate coats and warm clothes, but people have also offered to help the family with Christmas and groceries. The two brothers also received new backpacks filled with school supplies.

Members of the community rushed out that very evening to get the items to Lawrence so she could surprise them with all their items the next morning, and to make sure the boys had the clothes for the weekend.

“When we gave them all their gear, my husband had to meet them at the bus stop because it was too much to carry,” Lawrence said.

More gear is on the way, as one person has ordered brand new boots and pants for the brothers.

Several members of the community donated to help the family, including Kristen Wintermore, Christina Hust, Brent Lloyd, Vickie Radovanic, Nicole Maes-Bloedow, Karen O’Hare, Shaunnah Sorrels, Jon Varmun, Toni Brown-Petty, Karen Hudson, Michelle Bustos, and Bradley Culligan.

“I was overwhelmed with all the generosity and concern from the community, and it made me proud to live here,” Lawrence said.