Complex Hopes For Future Combined Meeting

Complex Hopes For Future Combined Meeting

SWEETWATER COUNTY – In an effort to keep all the major players in the rodeo loop, the Sweetwater County Events Complex is hoping to have a joint meeting in March.

At the Sweetwater County Fair Board meeting Tuesday night, Events Complex Director Larry Lloyd spoke on the current situation.

Recently, the complex solidified the contract for the 2018 and 2019 National High School Finals Rodeo. Lloyd said it is further down the line he would like to focus on. He said he wants to bring the Sweetwater County Commissioners, both Green River and Rock Springs and other players back to the table.

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Lloyd’s reason for the meeting is to keep all parties informed on the events and to make sure it is still the direction everyone wants to move in. One main focus is looking at the NHSFR for the years 2020-21 and the National Junior High Finals Rodeo in 2022-2023.

While Lloyd said the contract they recently signed with the NHSFR is basically the same as the one they were operating on last time, the NJHFR is different. Lloyd said they basically rent the facility and do their own show which is opposite to the NHSFR. It is things like this, Lloyd said he wants to discuss with all the parties involved.

Along with the national rodeo events, Lloyd said they are also continually being contacted by events interested in the complex. He noted recently they were contacted by a youth rodeo interested in the area. Complex Marketing and Events Coordinator Kandi Pendleton also informed the board the complex in one of two finalists in the running to host the state high school event for five years starting in 2017.

Lloyd said it is a balancing act they are also trying to figure out. It is not just locally as Gillette is also finding some similar problems. Lloyd said they are starting to work with the complex in Gillette to help make sure these events stay in Wyoming.

The complex is looking at a March date as a possible time for the combined meeting. Lloyd said he would keep the board informed on the progress of the meeting as it gets closer.