Conservation District Hands Out Awards to Local Residents

Conservation District Hands Out Awards to Local Residents

Henry “Dwight” Bliss received an award for his service on the SWCCD Board of Supervisors from 2010 through 2018 at the ceremony.

ROCK SPRINGS — Sweetwater County Conservation District (SWCCD) recently held a Service Award and Congratulations ceremony to recognize Supervisors, State Award Winners, SWCCD Award Winners and Associate Supervisors.

The awards were presented by SWCCD Chair Mary Thoman, beginning with Henry “Dwight” Bliss for his service on the SWCCD Board of Supervisors from 2010 through 2018. “He did a tremendous job for us. The Board and staff deeply appreciate his dedication and commitment to Sweetwater County,” said Thoman.

Wyoming Association of Conservation District (WACD) State Award

Winners Sweetwater County Commissioner Randy ‘Doc’ Wendling was selected as Outstanding Elected Official and Liz Withers-Thoman as Teacher of the Year.

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Doc Wendling received his award for Outstanding Elected Official from Mary Thoman.

Wendling serves as Commission liaison to the Sweetwater County Conservation District. He attends regular and special meetings as well as project site tours, while providing feedback to the Sweetwater County Commission.

Withers-Thoman is the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program coordinator at Green River High School.

The FFA program has been in operation for three years and is the only one of its kind in Sweetwater County.

Liz Withers-Thoman was recognized as Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

SWCCD Award Winners

Outstanding Supervisor was presented to Tom Burris, Rural Supervisor for 17 years. Burris is currently the Vice-Chairman for the District and serves on the Bitter Killpecker Creek Watershed Advisory Group (BKWAG).

Tom Burris received the awards for Outstanding Supervisor. Burris served as the Rural Supervisor for 17 years in the District.

Outstanding Conservationist was presented to Adam Clark, Natural Resource Conservation Service Sage Grouse Initiative Program Coordinator for Southwest Wyoming.

Clark has initiated numerous private project contracts to enhance sage house habitat in Southwest Wyoming.

Outstanding Technician was presented to Dennis Doncaster, Bureau of Land Management hydrologist. Doncaster has identified potential watershed projects for the District and provides guidance for the Bitter Creek Drop Structure Project.

He is also actively involved with the Bitter Killpecker Creek Watershed Advisory Group (BKWAG).

Associate Supervisors

The District recognized several Associate Supervisors for their volunteer work on various projects and programs. Bonnie Cannon, Sandy DaRif, Mike Freimuth, Barbara VanMatre and Nick and Hillary Walrath were honored for their service.

Associate Supervisor Bonnie Cannon (l) and Mary Thoman

“We rely on all of our volunteers and agency partners who donate countless hours to benefit the residents of Sweetwater County,” said Thoman of all the award winners.

In addition, the Sweetwater County Conservation Board appointed officers in December. Mary Thoman was re-elected Chair with Joshua Coursey elected as Treasurer and Jean Dickinson re-elected as Urban Member.

The SWCCD was established in 1960 as the Big Sandy Soil and Water Conservation District. After several boundary and administrative changes, it became the Sweetwater County Conservation District in 2002.