Coroner’s Report Confirms Aubree Corona’s Death as an Accident

Coroner’s Report Confirms Aubree Corona’s Death as an Accident

FREMONT COUNTY — On August 20, 2019, search and rescue personnel found the body of Aubree Corona who was first reported missing back in mid-July. Corona’s vehicle was found on a remote non-traveled road that was located in Fremont County in the Leeds creek area. Searchers then located Aubree approximately 1.3 miles away from where her truck was found.

As reported by County 10, “The Fremont County Coroner’s report confirms her manner of death an ‘accident’ and the cause of death ‘complications of environmental exposure and hypothermia.'”

“Aubree reportedly became disoriented on mountain roads after leaving a Sublette County campsite headed to Pinedale, WY on July 13th, 2019, according to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. She ended up crossing Union Pass into Fremont County and stopped in Dubois where she got directions. Her vehicle was discovered on August 17th and was mechanically disabled; most likely a result of driving on rough mountain roads.

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“Additionally, the coroner’s report listed her ‘relevant toxicology’ as Oxycodone, Delta-9 THC and Gabapentin. Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen commented, ‘In this case the combination of substances were directly relevant to the disorientation and confusion that contributed to the circumstances.'”