County Commission Supports Efforts to Upgrade Indoor Arena

County Commission Supports Efforts to Upgrade Indoor Arena

Kyra Seppie shares the project plan for the indoor arena upgrades with the Sweetwater County Commission on Tuesday. Zoom photo

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County Commission unanimously approved a letter of support Tuesday for the Sweetwater Events Complex to seek grant funding for indoor arena upgrades.

The events Ccmplex is submitting an application for the T-Mobile Hometown Grant program through the SEC Foundation in hopes of funding lighting upgrades and an industrial fan in the indoor arena.

Kyra Seppie, office assistant at the events complex, said the project plan is to install an energy-efficient and dependable lighting system and industrial fan for the indoor arena to improve comfort and safety for competitors and spectators. The indoor arena hosts more than 300 events, according the events complex.

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She said the the Events Complex is also a designated emergency shelter facility, so the lighting and fan upgrades in the indoor arena would provide better safety and comfort in the event of an emergency.

She added that Sweetwater County Public Health and the events complex have also discussed using the indoor arena as a vaccine drive-thru clinic. The increased lighting would aid in efficiency and safety in these clinics, and the fans would increase circulation, Seppie said.

The total estimated cost of the project is $49,744, and the grant maximum they are going out for is $50,000, according to Seppie. There is no local grant match on these monies.