COVID-19 Won’t Stop Rock Springs Residents from Picking up Trash

COVID-19 Won’t Stop Rock Springs Residents from Picking up Trash

Past Rock Springs City Wide Cleanup volunteers pose for a photo after picking up bags full of trash. Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce photo

ROCK SPRINGS — Rock Springs will still have a City Wide Cleanup event, but with some modifications.

In order to adhere to the COVID-19 Coronavirus recommendations, the Rock Springs City Wide Cleanup event will change from a one-day event to a month-long May activity, Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce CEO Rick Lee said.

The event is sponsored by the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce and the city of Rock Springs and relies heavily on volunteers.

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While Sweetwater County Public Health Officer, Dr. Jean Stachon, has endorsed the cleanup, she is still recommending safe practices and social distancing be enforced due to an anticipated resurgence of the COVID-19 virus.

Those who want to participate in the cleanup effort must keep separated and use personal protective equipment, such as masks. Lee said organizations, families and clubs can still volunteer, but they must follow the COVID-19 restrictions.

“This event has been going strong for 17 years and is essential to beautifying our community. There just are not enough resources or funds available to keep up with the constant increase of trash that is distributed all over our community,” Lee said.

The city wide cleanup has gathered an estimated 1,082 tons of trash by volunteers over the last 16 years, yet the event is still required because the amount of trash doesn’t seem to decrease, Lee said.

Even though the event had to be modified, Lee still thought it should take place.

“The world really needs some positive action in it right now. As groups work together to do something that is positive and uplifting, spirits will be lifted and attitudes will improve,” Lee said. “Contributing to the good of the community selflessly will help us all get better positioned to do great things after this reset.”

These participants weren’t afraid to go for a climb to collect trash. Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce photo

Lee said those who want to participate can simply call the chamber 307-362-3771 and let them know what area of the city they would like to clean. This way residents won’t keep cleaning the same places. Residents can also call to arrange to pick up empty bags to collect the trash in. Lee encourages participants to wear gloves, heavy clothing and be mindful of what they are picking up.

After cleaning an area, participants can place the filled bags in a conspicuous and easy to access area for the city employees to pick up.

Participants are also encouraged to take pictures of their work and send a photo of filled bags to Lee at They are also encouraged to post their photos on social media.

While Lee is leaving it up to the community to decide where to clean, he wants residents to know that high traffic areas, such as Dewar Drive and Elk Street, should be a priority.

A benefit to the month-long event is residents can choose when they would like to clean.

“It is amazing what some work by a lot of people can accomplish,” Lee said. “Not only will our community look nicer, it will be healthier because of the sacrifice and labor that goes into something worth sacrificing for.”