Dena Marie Smith (June 5, 1974 – May 3, 2022)

Dena Marie Smith (June 5, 1974 – May 3, 2022)

Dena Marie Smith (June 5, 1974 - May 3, 2022)

On May 3, 2022,
In Salt Lake City at the U of U,
Dena Marie Smith, age forty-seven,
Became the newest resident of Heaven.
In just a few days will be the cremation,
This time next year will be the celebration.
She was stubbornly kind, wouldn’t want a donation,
Instead pay it forward to your local homeless population.

In Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1974,
Her parents’ lives changed like never before,
Such a bright little light had entered this world,
With big brown eyes and toes that curled,
A heart so big it couldn’t be contained,
Strong-willed and courageous, she couldn’t be tamed.
Never did they think they would have to see her go,
Nothing can prepare for that type of blow.

She defeated death twice just six months before,
Her body was sick, yet she kept fighting,
But this time was different, she wasn’t fighting anymore,
She was finally ready for a grand reuniting.

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A mother to three but one left too soon,
Her dear baby boy never broke free of his cocoon,
Her loss was too painful to be explained,
But she stayed strong for her two girls that remained.
She was determined to give them the best life she could,
She was so thankful for the chance to experience motherhood.

There was only so much her body could take,
But spiritually she was on fire, make no mistake.
A follower of Yeshua, a daughter of YAH,
Her knowledge and insight left you in awe.

The timing of her departure seems less than opportune,
But this isn’t “goodbye,” only “see you soon.”
She will rise from the ashes, she will be made new,
On the day the Lion of Judah makes His debut.

Dorothy Walker (Maternal Grandmother)
Elaine Hansen (Paternal Grandmother)
Deborah Tucker (Mother)
Terral Smith (Father)
Jamie Walters (Sister)
Shayla Ebert (Daughter)
Kassandra Romero (Daughter)
Aken Kempton (Grandson)
Omen Romero (Grandson)
And many more…

This loss has left so many hearts mourning,
All the support is beyond heart-warming.

Thank you.

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