Did You Draw Any Tags?

Did You Draw Any Tags?

CHEYENNE — The wait is over for the spring’s most asked question. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will make draw results available on June 21 at approximately 10 a.m. MST for full and reduced price resident/non-resident deer and antelope, and resident elk hunting licenses. Applicants will be able to check their results online, and licenses will be mailed to those who were successful.  Successful applicants who have not received their license by July 29 should contact Game and Fish at 307-777-4600.

Applicants who are unsuccessful should be aware of the new fee refund method. Unsuccessful applicants will have a credit applied back to the credit card used for submission of the online application. It is anticipated the refund should be available on the credit card 7 to 10 days business days after June 22. Landowners and outfitters who utilized the outfitter portal to submit applications will receive a warrant in the name of the applicant. Outfitters who did not submit applications through the outfitter portal will receive a credit applied back to the credit card used to submit the application. If the credit card was a pre-paid card, expired or cancelled credit a refund warrant will be mailed in the name of the applicant.

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For hunters who missed the application deadline or would like to purchase additional licenses, full-price leftover licenses for elk, deer, and antelope go on sale July 6. Reduced price licenses will be available beginning July 13. These are first-come-first-served for residents and non-residents.

Game and Fish offers a few reminders for hunters who are beginning to planning their hunt. All hunters must have a 2016 conservation stamp or a lifetime conservation stamp. Also, the 2016 Hunt Planner is available on the website and offers a variety of maps, including land status; the ability to plot scouting locations; harvest odds from past years and more. Updated regulations are also posted online, and hunters should review these for each species they plan to hunt and note any changes from past years.

Hunters who have questions about the draw, license information, or how to use any of the online tools can contact Game and Fish at (307) 777-4600 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MST.