Dog Lost in I-80 Crash Turns Up After 3 Months

Dog Lost in I-80 Crash Turns Up After 3 Months

Zoey reunited with her owners after being for lost for 3 months. Photo credit: GR Animal Shelter

On January 20, 2020, there was a Crash on I-80 near Green River. The couple involved in the crash were traveling with their dog “Zoey”. Zoey was not located after the crash.

After the couple was released from the hospital they spent several days looking for Zoey. They were unable to locate Zoey, they feared the worst and had no choice but to go back home to Oregon.

An email was sent out advising our agency of the lost Maltese mix dog “Zoey”.

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On April 14, 2020, a man found this little stray dog on I-80 and brought it to Green River Animal Shelter. Animal Control Officer Stephanie Ashley, immediately thought this could be the dog from the accident in January! ACO Ashley called the family and sent pictures of the found dog to them. Turns out it was their ZOEY! They were so excited, they got in the car and drove 16-hours to Green River to come pick her up.

On April 15, 2020, almost three months later, Zoey was reunited with her family. This little courageous dog survived the cold elements and predators for nearly three months. She was very dirty, in desperate need of a bath, skinny, but otherwise happy, and in good condition.

Zoey happy to get home!

Zoey was very happy to see her family again. They were very happy and very thankful!