Events Complex Stakeholders Meeting March 21

A shot from the Sweetwater County Fair and Wyoming's Big Show. Photo by Katie Glennemeier.

ROCK SPRINGS — Sweetwater Events Complex Executive Director Larry Lloyd informed the Fair Board on Tuesday evening that there will be a “stakeholders meeting” on March 21 for business people who are impacted by activities at the Events Complex.

A lunch will be served for those invited to attend.

Lloyd defined who he meant by stakeholders. “Obviously that includes the city council, hotel owners…the Fair Board, county commissioners,” Lloyd said. “When we’re hosting an event out here, we want to discuss the number of people we bring in, the impact on restaurants, hotels and so on. We want people to know what we’re doing.”

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“It’s an exciting time,” Lloyd said. The Events Complex will be hosting the National High School Finals Rodeo this July and is seeking other similar large events capable of drawing in thousands.

“What we do here helps other communities in Wyoming,” Lloyd said. “People will come from a large geographic area. We’d like to put that in a presentation. We’ve got to tell our story.

“It will be an eye-opener for all of us,” Lloyd continued. “It will be good for the Fair Board to see who all is involved.” He added that the March 21 stakeholders’ gathering will be a good opportunity as well to transmit information coming down from the state level.

Lloyd thanked his front office staff and grounds workers who have been laboring in the bitter cold weather of the past couple of weeks. “They keep all things up in the air without dropping any of it,” Lloyd said.