Expedition Academy Donates Masks to Senior Center

Expedition Academy Donates Masks to Senior Center

Aaron Crego holds the masks and mask straps donated from Expedition Academy.

GREEN RIVER — The generosity of Sweetwater County continues to shine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expedition Academy High School of Green River donated 12 supplemental N95 masks with replaceable filters and 16 mask straps to Castlerock Mission Senior Living Center Friday afternoon.

The masks and straps were made from the school’s 3D printers. The printers have been used with students in math and science classes.

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After seeing the designs on the internet and in the news, school principal Ralph Obray asked math teacher Aaron Crego, if he could produce the same masks on the school’s 3D printers. He took the program and started production.

Each mask took just over nine hours to complete while the mask straps took just over an hour each.

“We hope the masks will be helpful as they can be washed and reused along with the mask straps,” the Expedition Academy press release said. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those struggling with this virus and to all the individuals working to provide aide and comfort. Thank you for your dedication and love of others!”